The Navigator

I got a navigator about four months ago and have had a bunch of problems with it... I was just wondering if anyone else using a CGM could shed some light on the situation.

-The navigator is supposed to be guaranteed to last for five days, but in my four months of using it, I have only had two that have lasted the full five days... For some reason, I cannot get these things to stick. They will come up after just two days of use saying stuff like sensor error... have you removed the sensor etc. I am using tegaderm and other stuff to keep it stuck, but nothing seems to work...

- With the last few sensors I have put in I have experienced some infections that cause the sensor to hurt and stop working... I try to make sure my skin is clean and everything before putting them on, but I still am having problems!!

I really want to make this navigator work... We have a lot of money invested in it and when it is working it is great, but I am starting to feel like the hassle is not worth it. I am just getting so frustrated that I don't know what to do with it anymore and at the moment I am really just ready to chuck the thing out. Is anyone else having these same problems, and if not could you share your secrets to success, please!! I am really, really desperate at this point!!

Hi Sarah -

I've been on the Navigator for a while and I've had some issues, but nothing quite as bad as you're describing here.  Here's a few tips I can offer you:

  • Use extra adhesive!  For me, my sensor definitely won't stay on without some extra help.  I use Opsite Flexfix, which I think is made by Smith & Nephew.  It's great stuff.  And I find teh trick is not to wait until the thing is hanging on by a thread.  I usuallly add some extra adhesive after just a day or two.  I cut it into four strips and put it all around the transmitter.  I've even been able to get as many as 10 days out of a sensor doing this, given taht it's a week where I'm not sweating too much.
  • Call customer service everytime you have a problem.  It's annoying and tedious having them ask you the same questions everytime, but if you call them when there's a problem, you can ask them to send you a replacement sensor.
  • Try ignoring the "sensor error" messages.  Now, this doesn't always work, but I feel like sometimes I get these messages for no apparent reason and if I just ignore it, it will sometimes fix itself.  And always say "no" when it asks if you've inserted a new sensor in the middle of a wear.  Also, those messages probably means that the sensor has come out, so this may all go back to the problem of getting it to stick on you. 

My best advice it to stick with it.  In the first couple of months - and even now - there are times when I totally want to chuck the thing out the window, but I feel like the hassle is really worth it.  I feel like I've learned so much about how my body responds to certain foods, different types of exercise, and even sleeping.  Plus, since wearig the Navigator my A1c has dropped to 6.2 which makes the irrtated skin and annoying alarms in teh middle of the night all worth it!

I hope that some of this helps - and I hope you stick with it!

Good Luck,
Mary Lyn