The new "solo" pump

has anyone heard about or seen the new solo insulin pump? if so what exactly is it. and when should it come out?


Seems like it's similar to the omnipod, a little smaller. I don't know much about it.

yeh thts wht i was thinking.

but it must be like better in some way because im pretty sure they wouldnt come out with something completely the same.

do you know if its fda approved yet?

The Solo™ MicroPump Insulin Delivery System is an FDA-cleared prescription-only medical device for dispensing insulin and is not yet available for sale.

People copy things all the time. Look at the mp3 player, the walkman, Blu-Ray vs HD. Small improvements make the difference. It is which will last the longest. Look at the Ping vs. Medtronic vs. Deltec Cosmo. Some last some don't.

I think the largest difference from the Omnipod is that the Solo can be disconnected. From what I remember about watching the video about a month ago, that was the main difference. I think it's also a bit smaller.

It must be getting pretty close to being marketed because on the site, they allow for you to request a free demo kit.  I had requested for a demo from OmniPod and Solo.  Just received the Omnipod kit and now waiting on the Solo kit to arrive.

When I requested for the free Solo demo kit, I had asked some questions about it.  I got a response back from one of the representatives and this is what she said:




Thank you for your inquiry about the Solo™ MicroPump Insulin Delivery System! 


To answer to your question, we have many differences from the OmniPod.  They include the ability to bolus from the pump itself, we are much more discreet and smaller, our batteries are mercury free and our pump is a 90-day pump.  We received FDA clearance in August so have a lot of work to do prior to selling in the US.  We will be available in early 2010 which gives us time to ramp up manufacturing, technical support and technical field representatives.  We just filed for our pediatric indication and hope to hear back soon.  The best source for the latest information and product developments is the eNewsletter below.   


As you know, customer support is often more important than having a great product and we want to be sure we are there for you 24/7 so you can count on us when you need us.  Therefore, we plan to launch the Solo MicroPump with a Personal Experience Program (PEP) in a limited geographic area in early 2010.  We will provide PEP participants loaner Starter Kits and supplies at no charge for a limited period (approximately 90 days). This will allow us to test our training, 24 hour customer support and to establish appropriate reimbursement and distribution.  


Once the PEP is complete, we will gradually expand our distribution area across the U.S. when we are sure that we can not only supply product, but also surround our customers with excellent service, training, distribution and reimbursement processes that are critical for pumpers.  


We will notify you if you are in the PEP target areas and can keep you informed about our progress via our periodic Solo Sentry e-Newsletter.  Just fill in your name, zip code and email in the orange box at the following link   


Thank you again for your interest in the Solo MicroPump.  We look forward to serving you in the future!





Susie Kagel

Customer Service Representative




Ph:    (877) 765-6496

I really think the future of pumps is tubeless. The solo unit is a smart idea - two units that connect. Simple and easy but what impresses me most is the thin design. No bump in the middle like the Omnipod so it should be more comfotable. The demo video showed the girl bolusing herself with the unit under her blouse - don't know how she figured out what dosage to give.

THis sounds like a unit that they have used in Europe and starting to market to the U.S. I would want to wait about a year before having my son try it. That is time to get some good feedback etc. but according to the video - it looks good. 

They mentioned the base unit stays on 3 months - are they saying the cannula stays in for 3 months - that sounds unlikely. 

I doubt the cannula stays in for 3 months.  the pod is detachable, so u probably change the site and just reattach the pod.  But, man, if I only had to refill every 3 months instead of 1, that'd save me some money.  I'm all about the savings!  LOL!

I did see how they said you have to do the cannula every 3 days. If they could figure out a way for the cannula to stay in for 3 months that would be a real great thing. Then all they would need to do is figure out how to check BG without a finger stick. 

I agree!  That would be awesome.  Like a sensor at the end of the cannula or something so that way it could do both, distribute insulin and read glucose levels!   How sweet would that be?!

I mean's not really distributing, the body does that.

I don't plan on changing any time soon.  One might say I'm "attached" to the pump I have now.

That would be great - I guess the 3 day thing is how long it takes the body to reject a foreign object. Like a sliver - it would rise to the surface.