The Next 50 Years :D

I wonder how long everyone will be on Juvenation; in life-terms, I mean. It's going to be great but slightly odd (only because it's strange) to see, like, all the 13 year olds (hehe I feel so old) grow up and everything.

I expet to meet you all through some sort of Juvenation convention throughout the next 50 years, however (Gina, that's my plea to you haha ::).

It will definately be interesting.

And even then I wonder how long until it becomnes a community for x-diabetics for the JDRF JDCF (Juvenile Diabetes Cure Foundation).

I'm all for a meet 'n greet type thing, but hopefully sooner than 50 years...Dave & Buster's anyone?

Alyssa, I love your positive outlook!


Dave and Buster's could be fun except one of us would have to pretend to be Alyssa's guardian since she is not old enough to wander in alone. And frankly a meet and greet could be scary. What if we find out that A-D is a sixty year old woman?


LOL. As far as a conference, I emailed the JDRF about it haven't heard anything back. You guys can have meetups within your cities if you wanted to. 

Alyssa, since you are only 15, I would recommend you getting permission or having your parents with you if you attend any sort of meetup.

All joking aside I agree with what Gina just said. No matter how you look at things there are weird people out there. There is something to be said about being smart and diligent about some of these things. Especially for the younger people out there. No matter how great an idea may sound, it could be something not right. While I do not think this is the case here, we still need to be aware of it and always excercise due dilligence when it comes to stuff like this.

I've done things like that before...nerdy and as much of a loser and it will make me sound like, I've done LAN parties before and meeting people in person isn't that weird if you know their personae via conversations on forums and "in game." Yep I'm a nerd. But just thought I'd throw that out there. I have no problem being someone's guardian haha, but I would have to agree with Gina in that this would be a regional type of deal...example being I live in Maryland and I'm pretty sure Alyssa is from Seattle, WA. Maybe we could meet in one of them square states in the middle? 

And so what if A-D is a sixty year old woman? As long as she is nice, has diabetes, and possibly wants to party, I don't see a problem :)


I'm in VA, near DC Pat. Are you closer to Baltimore or DC?

Anyone else for a DC-area meet-up? 

I am in Baltimore, but DC is only a 40 minute drive depending where abouts in DC you're talking. Could always meet at Arundle Mills or something in the middle like that. :)

I'm missing the DC, but does having Washington in the name qualify me?? :D

I'm sending brain waves to JDRF for them to get back to Gina...