The only one---with type1

In your daily life,in your peer group,family,friends,ect...Are you the only type1? My teen only has one person she knows with type1, that is her age,and he lives in a different town.So in her group of many friends,she stands alone with this.

Why, yes, I am :D I met one guy once who was my age with diabetes. We talked for, like, all of 2 weeks because he flunked out of the only class we were in together, but it was cool while it lasted, to have that Juvenation understanding in person. Oh well :D

Yep - me too.  I knew a girl way back in elementary school but that was it.  I don't have any T1 friends near me.  Just here.

I don't know any others.  I've only met a few in my life.  Maybe I've met many more  that are like me and don't tell anyone unless they absolutley have to know!

im always the only one! there are about 5 diabetics in my school (including me) but none of them are really like willing to be bothered with me. theyre all upperclassmen. but when i was first diagnosed with diabetes childrens hospital paired me up with a girl my age who had diabetes n we talked for a long time and even hung out but now we arent in touch anymore :[ thats why this site is great!

Wait! I did meet a sub teacher once in gym. It was hilarious, I felt like the CIA!

The teacher comes up, and because you can see the tube a little from my pocket (total D code), says, "What pump do you have?" :D It was so cool - that teacher was there for a while and we talked the rest of the week. Granted, they hated the rest of the class and we got in enormous trouble for that.... we had to do double gym for a week after that! KILLER ON THE BG'S!! Sigh. I guess my charm wasn't enough :D

But it was cool.
Total CIA material, there.

(but that teacher is long gone haven't seen them since so it doesn't count, lol, just thought I'd share that, however)

Yup, definitely.

All through 7th grade to 12th I was the only one at our school with diabetes.  No one among my outside friends had it either.

That's why I love hanging out with friends I've met through diabetes camp so much--they're my connection to diabetes.  Otherwise I was alone growing up with it too.

I second the summer camp thing! I happen to know 4 other women who live near me who all have T1 (2 from my high school who moved up here, 1 from work, another I met in a Mom's group) so that's great. But, growing up, I went to a summer camp in Mass each summer and met lots of other girls there. Wish I was in touch with them now!! I went through my teenage years as a CIT. I highly recommend it for your daughter if she'd be interested...

I've yet to go to camp lol (I haven't been interested in talking to other T1's until this year, lol) but I am excited as I am going this summer. Little nervous, but in a good way :D

It surely is difficult to find other type 1s nearby.  I can offer some assistance however, check out if you haven't already, it has helped me connect with other type 1s in my region.

I never knew anyone until I was like 21. And know I only really know 1 person. Its odd that we cant find more close to us. Since there are so many in the world that are t1.

Same thing here.  It's not really an issue for me though.  There are lots of kids at my school with it, probably more than ten (out of a high school of near 3000), but I'm not friends with any of them because they're just not who I would pick to friend.

If your daughter needs to talk to other people her age with diabetes, you could try a support group in your nearest city or at the local diabetes center.  I went to those a bit when I was elementary age.

Yes, our son is the ONLY T1 we have ever known.  No family history, no one in our social network, no one in my husband's VERY extensive professional network.  The last figure I saw was 1 million T1's, in a country of 306 million people.  One in 306...those are fairly long odds when where talking about immediate and secondary social circles....



I'm really the only one. Growing up, there was no one else. There was a girl at my school who just graduated, but she mostly kept to herself. We talked like twice when we both happened to go to the nurse at the same time for lows.

My oldest sister's best friend is diabetic. She's 13 years older than me, but I can go to her if I have questions or need to talk about something.

Some times it does feel like I'm all alone, but that's why I was SO excited to find Juvenation. :D

In my family its me and my moms sister, my grandmothers brother also had type 1 and we all were diagnosed in our 20's

In my circle of friends I tend to be the only one with type one, but in the other circle of friends my friend has type one. It is odd that I still have two circles but such is life.

Well I grew up with an older brother with T1 before i was dx and i went to camp twice and in Highschool there was like 4 or 5 diabetics i knew and talked too..i guess i got lucky...but this website is awesome cause i just graduated highschool so i really don't see those people plus i love standing out..makes me unique

yes i am! i've never met anyone aroundd me who has type one &it realy sucks because i feel like nobody can relate to me :C

I am the only type 1 in my family. Everyone else has type 2 in my family.