The Pill

Ok, so being a new diabetic my dr has put me on a birth control pill since an unplanned pregnancy is harder on diabetics. Well I've been on this pill for about 3 weeks now & since then my sugars have just about constantly been in the 300s. I did have them semi under control with an occasional high up to 200 but since I've been on this pill it seems I have no control at all! I talked to my dr today & he took me off the pill. So hopefully I regain control quickly. Has anyone else had issues like this? I know every body is different but does a certain pill seem to work better for some? (I was on a low estrogen pill btw)

Maybe a different BC option or different pill brand will not be a problem?

I never had a problem (that I noticed) on the low dose Alesse pill and I took it for god, 3 or 4 years before I had to switch to the Patch.


i would take to your doctor about trying a different brand that offers a low-dose pill or alternatives like the patch or nuvaring.

Microgestin and Loestrin have never caused any problems for me. Maybe try them?

I think it's weird your doctor put you on it, of course I'm not at risk for unplanned pregnancy. My endo would prefer I wasn't cuz the hormones have side effects that are similar to diabetes side effects, but normally when he gets into it, which he hasn't done in awhile i just kind of look at him, and think to myself. . . If you had a period that lasted for a month you'd take the risk! lol (it isn't that much higher than normal birth control risks, I don't want to scare you) He also wants me under good control now, like the type of control you would be in if you were pregnant, and especially once I become sexually active. (this was a very awkward conversation =P) I don't know if I've had trouble w/my bgs because of the pill but I know that when I went through puberty w/all of the hormone changes my levels went crazy. you can always get help to change insulin levels to fit the new levels on the pill and stay under control. Good Luck!

I'm assuming Stephanie is sexually active, hence her doctor putting her on the pill. Even so, i've known many girls (and kind of agree with this) who go on the pill even when they aren't have sex/before becoming sexually active to help with cramps and make their period regular. I know I would've prefered to have been put on the pill BEFORE I started being sexually active at 15, than the 6months after when I had a pregnancy scare and had to admit to my mom I was having sex with my boyfriend. haha.

I've been on the pill for about 12 years (a good 6 years before I ever had sex). I had side effects similar to morning sickness when on the pill, then switched to the nuvaring about 5 years ago (I can't remember exactly). I haven't had any side effects since then and have had good control of my bgs. It just sounds like you will need to do some insulin tweaking and if that doesn't work, switch forms of bc.

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I haven't been able to use any of these, including the pill or nuvaring, without high blood sugars and bad side effects.  An IUD or condomns are best options for a diabetic.  Think IUDs are usually only a good choice if you're older and have had a child, since they can inhibit fertility.  

I was put on the pill because of acne when I was an early teen. I recently stopped taking the pill after about 10-11 years because we are planning on having children in the near future and I just wanted my hormones to be leveled out and get back to having regular periods before we start trying. The only thing I noticed after stopping the pill was my periods are SUPER light and only last for 3 days. Haven't had much effect on my BGL's but, hey, we all know how predicable those are, right? I am suspecting that it will catch up with me sooner or later.