The Ping has arrived

Well, finally Matthew's Ping has arrived - was expecting it to be delivered yesterday but we had bad weather and UPS held on to it. IT came with all the supplies, workbooks, batteries etc and a certificate for a free Pump Skin and free Ez manager software (just had to call the toll-free customer service number to have them ship).

I called our insurance guy to get the unit insured but he he had no idea of how to do that and was going to give a call to someone who might know more. We thought we could get a rider on the unit if lost or stolen like you can for a piece of jewelry. Insurance guy said - nope - its covered if stolen only as part of homeowners and we have the deductable.

I got on the phone to call the hospital to set up a time to meet and do the settings etc. (can't do it thru the reps have to do it hospitals way) and made the appt for the 21st of this month and she asked what kind of infusion set we were using and I told her and of course they are the wrong ones. She wanted us to use the ones we had in training (the comfort short) and use those until we were comfortable and then we could use the spring loaded ones after a month or two that we had delivered today. (Wasn't expecting that)

Got back on phone and called Animas and left message with contact there that we needed the Comfort Short infusion but don't think I will hear from him until Monday. Then have to do the whole Prescription needed etc thing. I think I am just going to give him the name of the hospital contact and they can work it out. 

Bottom line - its here now - and hopefully it will start to lower his A1C's and make the management of diabetes better.  I know in a few months it will be routine - just another day with diabetes.

Glad it came but oi what a pain all the rest of that is. I want a easy button!

LOL - there is no easy button in the world of diabetes - just bolus buttons hehe. How are you doing ?? 

lol I know but it would be nice. Pretty good. Still reading and learning. Mentally stable lol sounds wrong but I am feeling pretty good most of the time. I have my moments. Riley is doing good when she isnt running high. When she I just try not to talk to her much. When she isnt she is all over me like normal.