The Pump vs The Cocktail Dress

I just usually clip it to my pants or shorts at my waist and have the screen facing me and it works pretty well. For dresses I always wear tight exercise shorts and just clip it the same way. yes, sometimes you get a bulge but it was the only thing I could come up with. Now, I'm so used to wearing shorts under my dresses that I feel naked without them. :)  For my brother's wedding that I was in, my sis-in-law had the bridesmaids pick their own dress in a specific color and I just found one that was an empire waist and had gathers in the front so it had enough extra fabric in the front to hide it really well. I've never tried the bra thing (I don't have enough to hide it, anyway) or the leg strap thing, and from what is being said on here, I never will. :) I would love it if some clothes could be made that actually have a place that hides it really well.

I just found this site a few days ago... it's like "Where's Waldo?", but with an insulin pump.  She wears outfits, then has you guess where she's wearing her pump.  It's cute.

That site is way cute!

I'm a fan of the "hide in the cleavage"!  that's the only comfortable place for me, but only with underwired bra's, doesn't work well with sports bra's and i usually buy baby gloves (you know the little cotton one's, so that baby's don't scratch themselves)  and use them as a protective sleeve.Swimming:  I had to sew on all my swimsuits a tiny loop made out of swimsuit material , so that i could have a place to hook my pump on , as all my swimsuit's are really low cut!  (not for the Pool ! ) but the tubing didn't always reach it, so i've had to pick my swimsuit according to where my Quick set is attached!!~Sports: When I'm at the gym I usually wear a heart/chest strap the one that sits just under my bra and hook my pump on the strap at my back, under my t-shirt.

I find the Pump/Cleavage quite funny sometimes, as i take it out to input my Carbs, not even looking for people's reactions, but have noticed some strange looks from guys when i'm returning the pump back and trying to wriggle and get it comfortable, (have tried the napkin/serviette up to the face to hide the replacement)!!!

i usually wear spandex underneath all of my dresses and put the pump in my waistband of that. it works out really well!! and from prom my seamstress makes a special pump pocket for my dresses and you can't notice it at all and it's completely safe from getting pulled out or anything! :)

This one sounds weird, but I have knee problems and so I have to wear a knee brace. I like to add to the insanity and clip my pump to my brace. It's actually really convenient when wearing dresses, but I guess it does look silly xD


I totally agree with you on the leg strap. Everyone who has ever tried one has told me they suck but i still gave it a try and yupp they were right about it I have found that when i am wearing a dress the best way to hide it is to attach it with my clip to my underware. Ik it sounds weird but i get the underware that have just a thin strap in the side and connect it there. i have found that this is the most comfortable abd easy way to hide it. I have also found that some clothing companies sell sweatshirts and tops that have inside posckets. those are my favorite! I think it is awesome that you and your friend are trying to find a good way to hide the pump!