The real world and diabetes

This may be off what I'm supposed to write on here but I've been thinking the past few days-is it possible for diabetics to get jobs helping people with diabetes without things like medical degrees? I think this is what I want to do, but biology and business aren't my thing. I am a salesperson, I love promotions, I love going out and getting things done, am I just dreaming here? I think dealing with this for 17 years gives me an advantage/creativity...

insulin pump companies and medical device companies can always use sales reps. you can look into the major companies in your area to see if they have any openings.

sales rep;pharma, medical products

technical support - take your pick of industries

CDE, tho this one will take a lot of training and requires some bio

pump trainer

I didn't go into medicine either, but this year I will help design, qualify and license an insulin factory in Virginia... and I count that as helping diabetics =)


to be a CDE, you have to be a doctor, nurse, or dietitian.


How are you, I hope you are getting some guidance on you quest to help others with Diabetes, but; if you are still looking for advice I can offer a suggestion.  If there is a local chapter of the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Organization, or the ADA  (American Diabetes Association) in your area you might try applying there.  We know that with all Non-porfits they keep the employee count small but; there is always a chance they are in need of employees.  In my local chapter I know there are a couple of employees there who are on the younger side without degrees who are on staff because they too have lived with T1 for years.  Check them out you never know.

Also, it doesn't hurt to start off volunteering first with either organization, a lot of employees start out as volunteers.


Hope it helps!

To everyone:


Thank you for your guidance. I forgot how helpful this site is! I have no interest really in anything pertaining to the "medical" aspect of it, so i'm more interested in the non medical parts of it all-well I hope that makes sense...(basically I can't physically live in a hospital.)  i am going to look into sales, (which is hard too because I dont have a business degree-but ive done sales all my working life), I interned in promotions and saw some stuff like that too which looks cool.

I'd love to volunteer but unfortunately doing stuff like the bikeride/walk and raising money is all I can do for now, I'd love to just pick up and go volunteer but my "full time" job right now (which since I graduated, and my company replaced me too early, i hardly have..) takes up a lot of time and i hardly make anything enough to pay for my meds as is, and I need a part time job on top of it to live...yeah, volunteering is not too much an option right now besides what I already do.

Wish I would have thought of this all sooner..