The S word

Stress. It sucks.


It's my final semester of Undergrad and I've been writing (what feels like) ten thousand thesis papers. I wish burning brain calories also burned fat calories - when I'm writing, all I do is eat.  I've changed my pump reservoir twice in the past 36 hours. I'm making it through all right, minus the procrastination.  I just wish there was a brain food that didn't require insulin.


Any suggestions?

Chew on some bubble gum (mint kind) helps the brain function and tastes good! If anything eat free things, Vegetables, Beef Jerky, Peanuts etc etc. Seriously though Gum is where it's AT! It's what i do when i'm at work, chew a piece of gum and don't try to focus on eating random things... Hope this helps.

when i have to study i sit with a 2 liter bottle of water next to me on my desk- helps make sure i drink enough, fills me up when i've eaten enough, and for some reason it helps me stay awake. otherwise all i want to do is drink tea and eat carbs. sometimes nuts- almonds or cashews- do the trick too...

Thats what I do too. When I study (which is a lot) or I'm doing school work, all I do is drink drink drink. It helps so much filling me up.

How about fresh veggies....carrots, celery.......cucumbers....they usually work for me!

When I am streessed I chew gum. It helped last year before I was homeschooled. Last year I was always chewing gum. And this year i don't chew that much gum. I would sometimes use sugerfree candy. or I would use non suger free candy.