The secrets to our success

I think a lot of us have little things we do/ways we look at things that set the bar for how we want the rest of our D-management to go- I'm throwing a couple of mine out here and really look forward to seeing what's working best for others.  So the secrets to my success:

1. Testing OFTEN and if I'm not on a CGM - testing in pairs (about 15 minutes apart) - so i get some idea of direction 

2. Trying to catch myself out of range - it's not a score and there's no losing and if I catch any excursions fast enough - i can seriously minimize the impact.

3. Keeping those around me informed that I'm a T1D - don't need help often but it doesn't pay to surprise people...

4. Find the fun/humor/absurdity in D-care and make sure I don't miss out on opportunities to amuse (at least) myself...

So those are a few of mine - what are yours?



Looking at my son's D-care as my own personal science experiment in managing his numbers. Observe, test, observe, tweak, observe, repeat. It is actually kind of interesting to me and I like being able to dial things in to aim for consistent numbers. Probably the biomedical engineer in me that is like - ooh, look at that little problem, what can we do to fix that?

That said, I get stumped  by random highs (thankfully more of those than random lows).

Thinking about my D-care there have been things but there's are my

1. Test often about sometimes 5-6 times a day

2. Try to make sure that I am in range and not in out of range

3. Make sure that all my friends and my boyfriend knows that I have diabetes

4.Have fun in takeing care of myself, I was once told by my cuz that I am a walking bottle of insule.

5. Always make sure that I have jucie and crackers with me when I go some place

6. Always no matter were I am going when I leave home make sure that my checkers in the my pruse

Rosalie Rose,

The always have some carb source around is a good one -and it's funny i'm so used to carrying my sack o' supplies - i never even thought to mention carrying my toys (tools) with me... lol - great list!

Cheers, A-D



Great approach - I have heard the experiment-approach carried out by a lot of us (i like to believe i'm similar in that regard) - it sounds like you have a lot of background and additional training/tools to bring to the table - comforting to hear i'm not the only one who gets stumped by the occasional random reading :)