The sun and the pump?

It seems my "Ping" is affected by the sun.  Goes a bit haywire and reads incorrectly.  Once it said I was at 27 which never happens to me and then I tested again and it was pretty normal but it went back and forth all day.  Once it cooled down it was okay.  This has only happen on hot days.

Does anyone else have this problem?


If mine gets too hot it will tell me out of temperature range and won't let me test.  I wait for it to cool down but so far it hasn't given me incorrect readings.   

Do you have a Animas Ping?  I don't know if my pump has that feature?  I have only had it a few months. Thanks

I do have an Animas Ping - it's about a year old.  So if yours is only a few months old I would think it would have the same feature. 

My experience is similar to Tracey.  The "meter remote" won't let me test if it is too hot.  This usually happens when I leave it in the car, so I just hold it up to the a/c for a few minutes.   I do wonder though if my pump ever gets too hot when I'm in the sun for a long time.  It is black and gets pretty hot to the touch.  My concern is that the insulin cartridge and insulin would get too hot.  Although I've never had a problem with this.  Just something I think about. 


I have noticed this once with my son's ping. I have been much more careful to make sure the meter stays in the shade/cooler since then. I know at the time, I did not trust the reading, but as soon as it cooled down, it worked normally. It also isn't good for the test strips to get too hot either, so that could be why you noticed weird readings throughout the day, if some were more affected by the heat than others. (That would go for any meter).