The Test

i wrote this when i was in high school, it was a part of a class, but it was my favorite one from that class. 



Life is a road that will eventually take you home

Everyone knows that there are dangers

But they still get into their BMW’s and keep driving

I know that I will be faced with similar dangers as they are being faced with

As I step into my beat up, VW bug

My heart races for fear that my car will break down on the road

I start to drive at first the ride is smooth

Then it gradually starts getting harder and harder

It keeps bringing me back to when I took the road test

I start to feel the shaking in my bones

“oh no, what’s that?” I think to myself

thud, “man I hate those annoying potholes.”

I struggle to make my way through then I make it out smelling like a rose

“phew yes, I pass with flying colors”

I keep going

Still trying to find my way back home

“boy this is a long and bumpy road.”

as the sun goes down I begin to look at all the other cars

wishing I could trade mine in for a new VW bug

then I realize that mine suits me just fine

“ah ha, there it is.” I found the street

I feel safe as I pull into the drive

My dad asks “so, how did you do on the road?”

I smile with a simple reply

“it was the easiest test.”


I adore your imagery.  I think I can spend quite some time finding new and interesting bits of this to review and enjoy…  Thank you for posting this!!!