The tragic events at the waterslides

ok, if anyone noticed i was not on here at all yesterday, it was because i was at the waterslides. it was very fun but there were some "tragic" events that happened. first of all, i had to stop and test my blood sugar every hour or 2. that was always when i was busy. then my infusion set fell out. good thing i brought an extra! and the bandaid over my toe kept falling off and it worstened(find out the story in my blog called the story of my green toe). and my blood sugar was high so i gave a correction then it was too low so i had a snack then it was too high, then just right then too low.....

but it was super fun!

All I can say is that I'm happy your BG was good in the end - and that you had fun!!!

     Is your toe healing okay still?  I hope so.

[quote user="amyl1027"]Is your toe healing okay still?[/quote]


 it was still healing at an incredible rate. now im not sure since i havent looked at it since covering it up last night. but it feels ok. and the doctor said it would be ok at the waterslides so im assuming it is fine.