The true identity of sugar

Ok, so it's not hilarious or anything, but the other day in chemistry we were talking about colligative properties (don't ask :) ) and we had to find out how many ions were in each compound. So my teacher asks the class what glucose is (its chemical composition) and right away I say, "C 6 H 12 O 6." My teacher called me a bio nerd (since that's the sugar plants use) (and actually I'm a chem nerd), but my best friend, who knows I'm diabetic, turns to me and says, "Of course you would know that." :D

Okay, so that is pretty hilarious. I'm cracking up :D

lol, i can't tell you the number of times i've had other kids say that to me. I took the AP Bio test a couple of years ago and one of the written questions had to do with the hormones of the pancreas. We never got to anatomy, and each of the written questions is a lot of points. anyways, afterwards, one of them turns to me and goes, you knew that one didn't you? I wasn't sure if I was right at the time, i mean I knew insulin, but I couldn't remember if glucagon was the proper name or a namebrand. haha, diabetes has to pay off sometimes. Also, I took my CNA class and we had to play disease jeprody, which I rocked at due to the fact that about half the questions where about hypo- hyperglycemia and diabetes.

Sweet... hope i get that lucky on a test!

Lol that's hilarious!