The Truth

Sure our kids know what we have to do everyday to manage T1.  My 13 year old knows what good vs bad numbers are and won't let me drive if I'm too low.  She is very aware of what T1 means for me on a daily basis.   I've had T1 her entire life.  But I don't think she is aware of the bad part of  T1 such as complications, etc that could eventually shorten a life. 

My question for everyone honest are you with your kids about the down side of diabetes? 


P.S.  I'm just curious, I manage my T1 very well and am 20 years of T1 w/  no complications.  I'm not trying to start a negative thread about complications, etc.



Sometimes I wish there was a WAY to hide most of it.  I don't know about anyone else but my husband is soooo insulin sensitive and has hypoglycemic unawareness our entire household is soley ruled by his diabetes. My older girls (ages 14 & 9) and myself are virtually his lifeline. We have gone through kidney failure, dialysis and transplant and yes, they are a part of everything. If there was another way, I wish I could have spared them the details. It scares them and they worry about him all the time. It's alot for a little girl to handle. However, this is their Dad and they love him no matter what. They have more knowledge about Diabetes then most people gain in their entire lives. Maybe one day, they will be able to help someone change their life, or be of support to someone who needs it...... nothing is without reason.  My husband is not careless, or irresponsible with his diabetes (please don't judge) - he was 24 years old when he was in end stage kidney failure. I know if there was another way, he would have done it.  I guess if your not experiancing those complications now - I'm not sure if I would purposely bring them up??? Tough call.  

Thanks for your reply.  Sounds like you have a great outlook on what your family has gone or is going through.   I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


Great question!!!! I worry about this too, esp that someday my son might worry that my d-pregnancy somehow harmed him. ):

He's only three, and he's recently started saying "When you're low you eat jelly beans, and when you're high you take insulin Mommy." So, I'm assuming as he gets older, it will be harder to hide anything and it would be better if he got the info from me rather than the media. But, I also fantasize about hiding it from him to protect him from the worries I live with.

Yikes -- this is making me sad. Better go off to bed!

It is funny that after this thread was posted, a similar article showed up in the Diabetes Forcast magazine.  Hmmm.


Hmmm, that is strange for sure. Hope you are feeling well. :)