The Vegan Journey Into the Abyss of T1

Hi Everyone,
I am a T1 diabetic, living with pump therapy and successfully enjoy a Vegan Diet, while managing my Blood Glucose. It’s not my goal to preach or convert others; my choice to not eat animal products was initially inspired to achieve optimum wellness. I was misdiagnosed as type 2, until recently. My journey forward will continue on the Vegan path and look forward to sharing cool recipes and insight. Please feel free to inquire or share your thoughts on type 1 journey that seems related. I have been a Vegan for 10 years and have only been insulin dependent since 2013. It’s been my experience that high-carb meals have less impact , when low in fat. Today’s example: French Fries :slight_smile: Therefore, I am sharing (Forks Over Knives) Spicy French Fries Recipes:
Baked French Fries w/ Ketchup from Straight Up Food

Enjoy !