i've got access through my work to a gallery space and i'm trying to think of what my next photography based show theme will be. last time it was silhouettes in the sunsets we had in the months of october and november 2008 (show was december 2008).

if i do another show i'm thinking i'll do something like 50% of the sales will go to the JDRF as part of my walk to cure diabetes fundraising for april. but that means I gotta get on the photography now and i'm stumped! last time i sold the prints for $75 w/ the frame..but i ended up selling only two prints through the gallery but about 7 of the prints without the frames so people could give them as xmas gifts(since the show was over jan 11) so i could just include my outside gallery sales in the 50% proceeds thing.

i've been on an unintentional hiatus for about three months now due to being busy with work, moving, being sick, dealing with getting a pump, etc. ugh.


any suggestions or comments to help me brainstorm??

The cutest pets,ha...They are so sweet.......


Thanks Batts for wanting to help JDRF..tell us what theme you come up with. I know it has to be something people want to buy.Will this show be done before Christmas-for gifts ?

this is my last one-ha....The Sounds of Nature.....That would cover waterfalls,ocean,mountains....all the way to animals.people....

no, we already have a gallery for Christmas-January, so it would be closer to April, or in April...if i get it all done in time and there's a lower gallery spot open(which I think there is).


thanks for the theme ideas to brainstorm :)

Batts- It's really very cool of you to consider using your photographic talents to raise money for JDRF. One source of diabetes related "inspiration" that may be helpful for you are the submissions from the "Making SENSE of diabetes"  video contest. People shared how diabetes sounds, smells, looks, etc to them. It's on the tudiabetes website at:

I hope you're able to get some artistic ideas from it.

thanks i'll check it out when im at a computer that has sound :)