They plan on inducing me in 3 weeks :(

Hi all...

I am 34 weeks pregnant and we got told today that our little girl is in the 75% range and that she is measuring 3 weeks ahead of scheudle and that her abdomen is in the 98 percentile.  She is 6lbs 2oz.  I was also told that an induction at 37 weeks is more than likely going to end in a c-section because the cervix isn't dialeted or ready for birth...I am a little crushed.  Did any of you deliver at 37 weeks? 

I was induced at exactly 38 weeks for both my girls.  Both were in the 6lb range.  Both inductions were started with no showing of natural labor.   Both were normal deliveries (21 hours and 22 hours).    I hope you can get through it how you want, but just remember what you want is a safe and healthy outcome for mom & baby!  How it happens really won't matter.   Good luck.  

I should also note - they said my 2nd daughter was going to be at least 9lbs.  She was 6lbs 13oz.  

Hey Nicole,

I can't believe it has come to the end already!  I am 31 weeks and our little guy is also in the 75% with a big head and tummy.  I also have extra fluid which is causing me to measure full term.  I asked my doctor about when she thinks the end will be and she said up to 39 weeks depending on how things go.  She said that 37 wks on is good and baby would be fine.  My nieces were born at 34 wks and did end up in NICU but they were only there for less than a week.  

With my first they estimated him to be 9 lbs 1 oz at 39 wks and decided to schedule a c-section because I was showing zero signs of labor- they actually said it would take days to induce me to the point that he would be even close to ready to push.  The c-section was scheduled for the next morning.  When I went in, less than 24 hours later, I was in labor and dialated to 3.  We decided to go the old fashion way and I was holding a healthy baby boy 13 hours later after a very easy labor.  You just never can tell.

I know what you mean about being crushed.  You just want to have your baby and hold it and snuggle it right away- you never picture it being so medical.  It's so disappointing.  I am so scared that our little one will be whisked away before I get to welcome him into the world.    But these are things we can't control and the more we focus on what we can't control the more crazy we will drive ourselves.  Find something you can focus on that you have some control over.  Like, maybe you have a special little blanket or something that she can have with her IF she needs to go to the NICU for a bit.  You could sleep with it until her arrival so then it will smell like you.  Or what is she going to wear home from the hospital?  Maybe some cute little Christmas outfit with a bow?  She's your little early Christmas gift that Santa couldn't wait to bring you.  

It will all work out.  If I have learned anything about life, especially life with diabetes, it is that nothing ever goes as planned.  BUT, it always has a way of working out.


Thanks Rachel and Katie...

I know what you mean about letting go of control.  I had to keep telling myself last night that I never even thought I would be pregnant let alone technically full term.  I just really hope the induction takes.  She told me that since at 37 weeks my cervix probably won't be dialated because I have extra amniotic fluid and that will prevent her little head from pushing down on the cervix to help open it, they will insert a tablet and that will take about 2 days to get me into a state where we can start pitocin :( I am willing to do that because even though it will be a lot fo work to "create" labor I would much rather say that I tried to have her come out the way nature intended her and if it fails or if she gets stressed then we can go the C section route.  I think I will start to sleep with her little blankie just in case.  So RAchel they said that you can go to 39 weeks??? that is great!  When I was 31 weeks she was in the 62% range and my doctor told me that unless things change we could go to 39 weeks.  Me and my hubby were soooo excited!  Then at this appointment 34 weeks she has to come 2 weeks early?  I just don't understand.  I know they are afraid that if we induce with her tummy being bigger that she will get stuck after her head comes out and she could have problems with her shoulders but it's hard to think that two weeks could change so much.  

Anyways, thanks ladies.  It is so unfair to have this disease, it causes so much worry on our little loved ones and fear that I am not doing what I should for my baby.  Even though my Endo is proud of me and my a1c is 6% - 6.5 I still keep thinking, "what if I was able to get it under 6, what if I had a 5% A1C, could I have helped her more? Would my birth plan be different?  Just a lot of concern...

Hi Nicole!  I delivered my daughter at 38 weeks.  I was supposed to go in for an amnio to check lung function and if all was fine they were going to induce me a couple of days later, but there was not enough fluid to do one (had low fluid ealier in my pregnancy as well...not sure why) they decided to do another non-stress test, the baby's heart rate kept dropping, they ended up admitting me and I ended up with a c-section the next morning because my induction didn't work (not trying to scare you, just telling my story).  I was looking at pictures the other day and noticed that the first time I saw my daughter was 7 minutes after she was born.  It seemed like the longest 7 minutes, but she was beautiful!  6 lbs. 14 oz.!  I wish you all the best on the birth of your daugher!  :)  It's so exciting!!  Try to relax...easier said than done, I know!

I have been trying to relax and just leave it up to God.  It's hard for me to let go of the control.  It's hard for me to accept that this birth may have to be more medical than natural but that is the story with diabetes isn't it.  I have heard of inductions not taking in diabetics and non diabetics so I am prepared for that. I am going to try and see if my body can do it...if not then a c section will be fine with me as long as my little girl comes out healthy.  Nicki...did she breastfeed okay afterwards?

I opted not to breast feed.  

Did you pump at all?

No, we used Similac.

Nichole2711- I nursed my son until he refused at 3 months and then pumped the rest of the year.  If you are pumping I HIGHLY recommend looking into renting a hospital grade pump.  Even the $300 pump on the market did nothing for me.  If you ask at the hospital I am sure you can try one out there.  I think renting it ran like $30 a month- well worth it in my mind. :)

I am 5'5 and was 94 lbs pre-pregnancy. At 37 weeks I was 128 lbs (about 8 lbs of that was water weight because I had pre-e and gained a ton of weight in just a couple days). I was induced because of the pre-e and I delivered an 8 lbs 10 ounce baby vaginally! NO C-SECTION! I had an episiotomy and 2nd degree tears, but it still wasn't that bad. My babygirl was also measuring way ahead of schedule, 98th percentile I think. Now 5 weeks later (9 lbs 6 ounces), we just had a dr. appt. and she is 50th percentile for everything.

Rachel...i will definitly be breasfeeding...yes I ordered a 300.00 pump but if it is not as high tech or good then I will rent one from the hospital.  I am so determined to breastfeed that I have read every book LOL.  I also know that it is a lot harder than I think it should be so I will need to be patient

Rachel-Soooooo glad to hear that at 37 weeks you delivered vaginally!!! Iknow I will be induced and I am so nervous of a c section.  I am hopeful that my body will kick in after a little bit of help.