Things a diabetic child must remember

HI friends,


My 12 year old was scolded by an angry teacher in front of the entire class for forgetting to bring her homework to school. My child is under a lot of stress

because of bullying and a sibling that has some serious mental health problems. SHe really doesn't want to go to school anymore. 

I complained to the school and they asked me if I talked to the teacher. I told them I didn't really want to talk to the teacher because I was afraid I might lose my temper. Not that I am excusing my child for not bringing her homework. She just didn't need to be yelled at and humiliated in front of the class. 

Since they want me to contact the teacher I thought I might list a few of the things a child with type 1 must remember that are beyond what a healthy child must cope with. 

Any contributions to the list would be welcome. 



test strips


spare pump batteries


Carb snack,

correctly count carbs

estimate how much she ate

spare Insets

glucogon kit

To test

when to test

To bolus

to correct and how to correct

To go to the nurse when she is low





I understand that your desire to put this list together comes from wanting to help your child with a difficult situation.  But I hope you won't ever let your daughter use diabetes as a crutch.  

Yes, diabetes requires her to think about and do things other people don't have to.  But that's her reality.  Unless there is a cure she will have to learn to manage school, work and relationships just as well as everyone else while still handling her diabetes.  You're not helping her long term by shielding her from this.

I have no idea if the teacher was correct or wrong.  However I hope you will speak with the teacher to better understand what happened.  It's possible the teacher was a jerk, but there's likely more to it.

Take care.  


I agree with Jenna.

I generally agree with you Jenna but in this case the teacher is a notorious bully. My two older kids dreaded her and so did their friends. I agree my child should remember to bring her homework to school but I strongly disagree with humiliating my kids in front of their peers when they don't meet expectations. My son's psychiatric problems started when a teacher at this school announced his grades on tests to the class to humiliate him. He passed the tests. Nothing great but C pluses. She publicly ridiculed him. He was always shy, quiet and timid. She ruined his life. He no longer attends school and and has been hospitalized for depression. She picked on the most fragile kid in the class for no reason. No other child had their grades announced publicly. Only my child. I will no longer stand for this outrageous behavior from a teacher or a student. My daughter is suffering from bullying from an anonymous texting account. Last year one of their friends hanged herself after being bullied on line. She was only 14.

I'm really sorry you're having to deal with a terrible teacher and bullying.  That is messed up and you should do whatever you need to in order to make a change at the school.  

I just don't think it has anything to do with diabetes.  You will have a stronger argument making it about the issues at hand.

If you haven't seen the movie "Bully" then rent or download it right away.  There is information available at to encourage your school to have a public screening of the movie.  

Again, I hate that you and your family are dealing with such terrible people.  Don't let the bad guys win.


We had a meeting with the teacher after she yelled at my daughter for helping another student.

We made it clear that we don't agree with humiliation as an incentive to learn. I think the conversation went well. LIke most bullies the teacher has picked the most vulnerable child in the classroom as her target.

Good for you. I hope that's the end of it.