Things people say that drive me crazy!

today, i was talking to someone and they randomly asked me out of nowhere if i could have have sugar. that didnt bug me. i told them i could. but some people are just really thick skulled and you cant get something through their head. we had an argument for about that for a good 5 minutes where we basically kept saying "yes i can." "no, you cant. your a diabetic. diabetics cant have sugar."

thats not what is bugging me. it shouldnt bug me, but it is.

he said to me after our little arguement that if i took enough insulin i'd be cured and free of diabetes. i found it hard to keep my comment to myself. i wanted to tell him that thats a lie and it cure me. nicely of course! but it came out like RUN! ANGRY MELANIE! RUNNN! lol. not exactly like that, but i raised my voice to him. "if insulin could cure me, thwn i'd be free of this disease be now. but no! its not a cure. it helps keep me alive."



You will find a lot of people who are so wrapped up in their own stuff they can't reach out far enough to get-it.  It sounds like you went a few rounds trying to be the patient teacher and that is a good skill to hone;.  I think the keeping one's cool part of the program comes more with repeated exposure so don't be surprised when one day you finish one of those conversations and realize the person didn't get to you at all...  Between then and now - you've got us - and fun phrases like:

"Insulin's not a cure, it's life-support [favorite-explicative-optional]"

"I didn't cause it, but I have to manage it because they can't cure it, and you shouldn't be getting in my way."

"I'm sorry, I can't talk about this right now but I can give you a couple of websites with accurate information."

I am betting some of the other members will have some better suggestions on fun retorts.  That said- sometimes it just helps to scream ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!     LOL





that just buggs me i have a friend who thinks i cant have sugar and always points it out its really enbarassing!

you could also say  "i'm so sweet i need insslin

Excuse me, but I think you are talking about the wrong kind. I am type 1 not type 2.  Colorful words are up to you. LOL I am polite because I am sure they mean well. Even if their a @#$$^&^ &^%$## b  **&^%$, *^%$^&*(

i certain feel your frustration!!! some(most) people are really ignorant, since my son has been diagnosed the list of ignorant statement seems never ending!!! since my son is only 4 people are quite shall i say stupid in there remarks!!! for example one person said to me  he's young......he'll probally out grow it" and another started quite nice you sorry to hear about your son....."i hope they caught it in time" that one i am still trying to figure out!!! anyway just want to let you know that deal with similar remarks!!! and don't let it bother you!!!! see it as a chance to educate those who are dumb in this area!!!


i hate when type 2s think they know what they're talking about when T1 and T2 are different. Like my aunt miriam in T2 and at my family reunion one of my cousins had a bunch of tic tacs and  sugar free gum in her RV. so she gave me and my other cousins 3 packs of what we wanted. at dinner i had 50 carbs (not that bad) so she came to me and said what did you get from rachel? i showed her 2 packs of gum and some tic tacs. she looked at the back (carbs ranged from 1-3) she then asked me how many carbs i had at dinner. she said what's the most you can have? 45? i said i had 50. and she took them all away from me and my BS was 142