Thinking about an Omnipod

Anyone have an Omnipod? Any Negative, Positives? I'm thinking about getting one, and I just wanted to get information from someone who has one. 



I'm on the Omnipod and you will find a lot of opposing views, I suspect.  For me, I've had quite a lot of POD and PDM (controller) failures, however, with the site options, lack of tubing and automated inserts -it's still my first choice.  I am curious about the Ping but I need to get a bit better at pumping in general before I go changing anything else. 


It has been great while swimming, working out and being active.  I’ve only torn a couple of pods off and in all but one instance it was because of my own silliness.  The one that is up for debate was on my lower back and I knocked it off getting into my car.  It was my first back site and I found I just need to take a bit less of a “bull-in-china-shop” approach to entering my vehicle. J


I really like having the remote and all of the advantages of pumping.  I am sure many have had a more positive experience and I’ve heard from a few who have had worse…


I hope this was at least a bit of help…







I just started on the OmniPod on Monday.  It's my first experience with a pump.  And I am ABSOLUTELY in love with it.

This morning was the first time I changed a pod by myself and it was so easy.

I never wanted to use a pump because of the tubing (which I know is probably not a big deal and I would've gotten used to it) and the second I heard about the OmniPod I knew I had to try it.

The PDM takes all the thinking away from my mind.  I no longer have to be a human calculator.  It does it all for me.  I know it is good to know how to do the math, but it is absolutely amazing not having to do the math for every morsel I put in my mouth.

My bloodsugars have also been so much more consistent.  While on MDI I had highs over 200 every single day.  I've only had two bloodsugars over 150 so far.

I know there are probably a lot of people who don't like the OmniPod, but I think it is the best thing ever.

It's easily the best decision I've ever made.

I second what Kaitlyn says.  My control has been much better.   However, there have been issues with malfunctioning pods and the PDM not working correctly.  However, the people at the hotline are very helpful!

I am going to fly for the first time wearing my pump and I am very nervous about going through the metal detector and all.  I sometimes wish the Omnipods weren't disposable, so I could take it off, go through security and then pop it back on.  But that's not the case.

I have the OmniPod and its really quite nice. You cant even notice it  (most of the time) and it helps out allot. I used to take up to 7 shots a day. I thought it was WAYY to much, so did my endos. Thats when I was introduced to the OmniPod. Anyways, the Pod is pretty big, id say like 13 times bigger that a regular infusion set that most other pums use. So if u dont get the omnipod, you would notice it even LESS! I definitly would say a pump is a great option. And having the catheter in you all the time is not that bad. Only difference will be you have to be careful not to hurt the area of the insertion site. Oh, and its lots of less holes in your body :) I went from 7 a day to 1 time every 3 days. What a relif! :)

I have an Omnipod and think it is the best ever. I could not imagine having a tube outside of my pump. The only drawback to the omnipod is where you choose to place it. The stomach is the best. They do suggest other places on the body, but they are a little uncomfortable in my eyes.

Good Luck!!!

Bwahahaha!  A-D, you are killin' me with the bull-in-the-china-shop thing... That visual is crackin' me up!

Hi Kaitlyn..I just got on the omnipod in March and i love it! you can barely see it and theres no tubing! i have never been n this control before with my numbers..and the best is NO SHOTS! try it out!

Hi Kaitlyn.  My daughter ( 8 1/2) started on it in Feb.  She was doing shots before so I can't compare it to any other pumps.  We chose this one because it was tube-less.  Her numbers are much better on it and overall we are very happy with it. I don't have the middle-of-the-night fears that she is going to crash on me like I do with shots because she is more at an even keel than before.  I am not going to lie though, I have had alot of pump failures and have 2 pdm time-outs.  I think with any new device, you have to work out the glitches.  I wish I had known someone on it to get all of the negitive facts before starting it so that I wouldn't have been so frustrated.  The customer service department is fantastic. I don't think I would have taken this pump if it did not have the 24-hour support.  One thing to keep in mind is that you will have pod failures.  I was told an average of 3 per month but we are having more because of either something we did wrong or pod malfunctions.  The company will give you new pods for their malfunctions, but if you do something wrong you do not receive one.  The company will not replace any insulin lost in the failure.  You have to make sure that your dr. writes a large enough perscription for your insulin to cover 4-6 pod failures a month. 

  A problem we have had are static electricity build-up in the pdm in which the pdm "timed-out" and we had to revert to shots for boluses for 6 hours.  The basal was still being delivered.  In order to avoid the static in winter, I spray her case with static guard every morning and put a bounce sheet in her pdm case.  I also have either waterproof tape or medical tape on hand in case she knocks the pod loose.  Amazingly the catheter stays in.  OVerall, it beats shots any day for the comfort and the controls in sugars.  My daughter's moods and concentration have improved.  She is a much happier person with the improved control.  I say go ahead and try it.  If you have pumped before you have more of a basis of comparison than I have had.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Good luck. 



I'm on the Minimed 722 at the moment, and my control couldnt be better, I'm getting better sugar levels then my non-diabetic friends! ( almost :D ) I'ts really easy to use, I don't have to think about a lot of things hwen it comes to setting a bolus. But I am considering the Omnipod. The tubing doesnt bother me much, and if I go swimming I can take it off for an hour at a time. I guess the attraction of the Omnipod is not having to take it off at all, and easier canula insertion (although I do like being in control while inserting a needle.) My main concern with the Omnipod would being having sometihng that size stuck to me, whil it's hardly noticible to other people, I can just see myself knocing it into so many things, I'm not the most gracefull person. I guess, after all that, It's best to sit down with your family/doctors and go through every option.

Thanks for replying everyone, it really helped. I just got omnipod on March 11. I really like it, but I have gone through pod failures and what not. However, through all of the negatives, the postitives out do them. I love it. It's so much easier now. All if have to do is put in how much I need to give and that's it. It beats giving shots anyday. I hope everyone else who has one likes it as much as I do. Thanks. -Kaitlyn  

Thanks for replying everyone, it really helped. I just got omnipod on March 11. I really like it, but I have gone through pod failures and what not. However, through all of the negatives, the postitives out do them. I love it. It's so much easier now. All if have to do is put in how much I need to give and that's it. It beats giving shots anyday. I hope everyone else who has one likes it as much as I do. Thanks. -Kaitlyn  

Im just got on the omnipod and i was wondering wheres a good spot to put it in the summer when your wearing a bathen suit???




right now i'm on the cozmo, but possibly switching to omnipod because deltec is stopping their production of pumps. right now i'm on a trial pod thing with saline and someone came to my house yesterday to teach me how to use it and answer any questions. my only concern with it is how massive the site is. i like to wear tight clothes and the bulky size of it shows through my shirts, and i'm afraid if i wear it on my lower back my jeans will knock it off. i'm still not sure if i want to switch or not because i like how small the site is for my current pump, but it's just a matter of switching to omnipod vs minimed. (since i have to switch anyway)

i love the idea of no tubing, but the size of the site kind of makes me unsure if i want it. plus the representative that came over yesterday said that there are practically no pod failures and seeing people in this discussion writing 4-6 times a month... :/

does anyone have any suggestions or input? or maybe site suggestions that i could try before making my decision? (no arm or leg please!)


So I had a bunch of pod failures at the beginning (occlusions) which were annoying (the nonstop beeping drives me insane), but then I figured it out.  You just have to be very very very careful not to inject any air into the pod when you are injecting the insulin.   After I started being really conscientious about filling the pod, I didn't have a single pod failure for 2 months!  But alas, yesterday, I had two, but I think it was because I was rushing and not being as diligent getting the air bubbles out of the syringe before I injected it.  I found that if you don't push the syringe plunger all the way to the end when you're injecting, you can keep most of the air bubbles from entering the pod.  And it really helps to pinch up on your skin right as the cannula is being inserted.   Good luck all!  Still, all and all, I am happy with my decision to switch to the Omnipod.

My daughter (age 9) has been wearing the Omnipod for about 15 months and has been on several airplanes during that time. The pod has never been detected while going through security, so don't worry! However, a friend of mine also has a daughter on the pod and says that if her daughter goes to the bathroom on the plane, flushing the toilet will set off the alarm. So, now the mom goes in after she is done and flushes for her. We have only been on shorter flights but I am pretty certain my daughter has gone to the bathroom and she did not have a problem with flushing. The Omnipod is her first pump and we think it is great.

I wear my pod low on my abdomen (below the belly button) and it's hidden under my bathing suit bottom.  Or I put it on my upper abdomen (above the belly button) and wear a tankini top.  Having the pod under a bathing suit works well because the suit is usually snug, so the pod sticks on better.  I've had my pod for 2 years and have had some very good and very bad experiences with it, but swimming with it has usually worked fine.  I've even been snorkeling in Hawaii with it.


I only wear my pod on my abdomen, either right or left side, below or above my belly button, so that gives me 4 sites to rotate.  If you have a flat belly, the pod can stick close to your hip and then it's not obvious to others.



I've been on the POD for 7 months now and love it. I have had on occlusion, and no other issues. My A1C went from 9.8 ( pre POD ) to 5.9 as of 4 days ago. I went with the POD due to it's lack of tubing. Never has any problem with it loosning or falling off. I cycle almost everyday. When I first started workingout or cycling with the POD, I was wirried about it falling off. I use Coban to hold it in place if I ever have any doubts...yes I even use Coban when I swim. The POD is not big enough to bother me..most of the time I forget it's even on me.