Thinking about getting an Omni Pod!

So I went to my endo today and met with a new nurse practitioner and talked with her about the Omni Pod.  I have never been interested in a pump mainly because I played competitive sports through high school, but now that I am in college I am looking into it.  She said that the Omni Pod is gawesome and would be a great fit for me.  She also said that they are coming out with a smaller version of it soon.

  Does anyone have the Omni Pod or have any advice about it?  I would love to hear from some other people who use it!

Hi Taylor--


I share in your excitement about the OmniPod! I am getting it in the mail any day now and starting it on May 9th!! I am also getting the Dexcom CGM with it. The Pod fits my life so much better than other pumps, too! I am a snowmobiler and LIVE on the lake in the summertime! It's going to make my life a lot easier. I am "pumped" to get my pump!

If you haven't already, hit up their website. Get the demo Pod and try it out! The website is great and they show you how to use the whole system, they have you push the buttons with your mouse cursor and teach you. I am so glad I went to the website.

Hope this helps!


I am on the OmniPod and I love it! I used to take about 5 shots a day which would be about 150 shots a month! I definitely don't want to go back to those days! My A1C also went from a 9.7 to a 6.8 in just 3 months! It's easy to use and the insertion doesn't hurt at all. I am looking forward to the smaller pods I've been hearing about, but I would still be on the OmniPod even with the larger pods. It's totally worth it. And really, they don't seem that cumbersome to me anyways. I wear them under my clothes. I've even had people ask me before if I have a pump yet and I'm like, Yeah, I'm wearing it. LOL

Thanks for your guys help!  The idea of getting one is really exciting for me, having been using injections for so long.  My endo gave me one of the sample kits to try a few months ago and I checked out their website the other day.  It seems great!  I love the fact that there is no tubing and that the two parts are not attatched!

Have you heard anything about when the smaller pods are supposed to come out?  My nurse the other day said they are having a hard time getting them approved or something so that is why they are taking so long?  Also, where do you wear yours?  And do you know how it works with a CGM?  I know they can somehow work together but I wasn't sure how.  Sorry for all the questions!

I talked with our Omnipod Rep yesterday.  Good news - the Omnipod has a new version to be released around the end of this year.  He said it will be 42% smaller!!  Also stated at this time it works well the the Dexacom CGM but I don't think they are intergrated.  Do you have a rep?  Just request a demo kit on their website and they will assign you a local rep.  Mine said we could even "trial" the pod before we purchase.  Best wishes! 

My son is a 19 year old college freshman playing ice hockey and lacrosse.  He just went on the Pod and loves it already.  He was having sky high BG's coming out of sports because his pump was off for 2+hours.  He's going to wear the pod and reduce his basal now.  We had a lot of trouble with Lantus when he was young because you couldn't adjust the basal for exercise, so he went on a pump within six months. Hope this helps!


Glenda, I did get a trial kit and wore the pod around for a little while.  That really helped to get a sense of how it would feel! And the fact that is it going to be that much smaller is so exciting :)

Hockeymom, so your son can wear it while he plays contact sports?  That is great news to hear because I play basketball a lot, but was worried it might be a problem. 

Thanks for the feedback!

So Taylor, did you get one yet?  My daughter (age 9) should be going on it after our June 15th appt with the ped endo.  Just wondering how it is going?


Sorry for such a late response!  I haven't logged on here in awhile. But, I  have not gotten an Omni Pod yet.  I scheduled an appointment with my endo for the end of next month to get set up with one! How does your daughter like it so far? I cannot wait to finally know what it feels like to not have to do injections anymore. Let me know what she thinks!

Hi Taylor, I am so happy that you are continuing to pursue the omnipod. My 10 year old daughter has now been using the omnipod for one month now and we love it!!! The best way I could describe it is it gave me my happy little girl back :) She was so giddy and just couldn't believe that she didn't have to have injections throughout the day. The omnipod has given her a greater sense of independence and some normalcy back to her life which I am so grateful. I truly wish you the best of luck and keep us posted with your progress.