Thinking about going back on shots

I dont know. I mean, I love my animas, and i was a total needle phobic, but I dont know if it is worth it. Its much harder than you think it will be, carrying around a pump all day. I am an active middle schooler with too many after school activities to keep track of, and I some times have trouble if my pump is having problems. I just think my life would be easier right now if i went back on pens.

What do you think? I mean, I need advice.


That is a really hard choice to make.

I spent over 10 years on shots and it it can be just as annoying and difficult as using the pump. I lucked out that the way my schedule was setup I was using regular than humalog insulin and than I was using NPH as my long term insulin. I was only doing two shots a day, usually 6 AM and 6 PM or there abouts and able to survive that. Now I know with lantus and such that it is almost the same thing as being on a pump with using humalog to counter your meals and such.

It is really up to you to weigh out the odds and see how you really feel. I mean I never had problems with needles so it did not affect me if I had to take extra shots and so on. But that means you would still have to be carrying your insulin and tester with you where you go. Plus I am guessing that for lunch time shots you would have to go to the nurses office to do that. It is a hard choice and you need to think about all of the things that you need to do when you are on shots verses what you have to do with your pump, especially if you have the periodic pump problem.

how long have you been on the pump? If it hasn't been very long... maybe it's just something that you still need to adjust to

Maybe talk to your endo ... he or she could help you to decide what is best based on your activities and control of your diabetes.