Thins I notice while driving!

So one of the Posts on here asked about how often we think about have type one diabetes. I answered usually in the front of my mind maybe an hour. But it is always in the back of my mind and I think I am always thinking about it in some way.

Something always happens to make you think about having type one diabetes.

Here's an example, the other day I was driving down the road and passed a truck. The name on the side of the 16 wheeler was for a shipping company called: Bolus, my first though was, man who would name a shipping company after having to dose up on insulin. Than I started to wonder how many other terms that we consider to be part of the type one community lingo show up in daily use for other things. And no the herb basil does not count.

What have you guys seen?

I get tired of all the comercials on d--I know I should be glad for the info,but sometimes it is nice to watch a show or movie on TV with out that coming up over and over :)


Something else I noticed is that apparently g's sometimes like to hide on me.

I had never heard of ketones until Brandan was diagnosed. When I was at the end of my second pregnancy my doctor said I had ketones in my urine. My eyes popped out of my head and I said, "Ketones?" His response was, "Yeah, so you need to start drinking lots of water." I was like, ya think?! I reminded him that my son has diabetes and I knew what to do. He immediately apologized and explained that my ketones came from dehydration and not eating enough. I felt a little stupid.

Another day I turned on the TV show "The Doctors" and the first thing I saw was one of the doctors dip a strip in a cup and say, "Well, you have a large amount of ketones so that's a good sign." Good sign? When are ketones good? But, it turned out the lady was trying to lose wait on the Atkin's diet and the ketones meant it was working.

I guess my mind gets stuck on the diabetes track sometimes.


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So one of the Posts on here asked about how often we think about have type one diabetes.


Yeah it does.

Anyway, in Economics, in school, we talked about "inelastic goods"--the demand won't change if the price changes, and the example in the book and subsequent test was "insulin."

Also, as a runner, I hear of many people having ketones in their urine after completing a marathon.

A friend on facebook just became a fan of PUMP (Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project) and all I could think was, "but he doesn't have D"

Sometimes when people use the term 'BS' (as in, "Man, that's such BS!!") my first thought is 'blood sugar.'

anytime someone uses the phrase "I'm pumped!" I just automatically think about my insulin pump..and I swear people have been saying it soooo much more since I got my pump in August. Another thing I noticed was after I was diagnosed it seemed like there was so many more commercials on tv about diabetes, of course it was probably the same amount I just never paid attention to them before! And I go to college in PA, which is the keystone state, so that always reminds me of ketones when I see it.

well we are trying to get my group insurance to reconsider covering ezekiel's insulin pump. i wanted to include some information on the benefits of pumping that was not from the pump company's website, so i typed 'benefits of pumping' in my google toolbar. this brought up a lot of information on the benefits of pumping breastmilk which i should have thought of since i work for a prenatal nutrition/healthy baby program. i changed my search to 'benefits of insulin pump therapy' which was much more

Great thread Brian :)

Whenever my husband is talking about someone's internet ping, I say (or think) my ping is prettier.


Ping gets me too.

saturday night i noticed the jersey wall coming up very quickly...and then it took out my tire  and rear windshield

I brew beer at home. Looking at getting into the brewpub business.  And one of the things you find in beer is Ketones!