Third trimester of pregnancy! Any pregnancy stories?

I’m almost 30 weeks into pregnancy. Sugars remain mostly good, though I’m now requiring more insulin to keep them level than before.

Baby still seems to be doing well, but he’s getting larger. He was 50th percentile at 20 weeks, then in the 70th percentile at my next ultrasound, and my most recent ultrasound yesterday (on my 37th birthday!) shows him at over 90th percentile, 3 lbs and 13 oz already at 29 weeks.

Well! Still wondering how he got so big. My sugars have been good, so I hope he can still avoid being a large baby at birth. It’s starting to look like he might end up big anyway, though. My husband and I are both normal BMI, so hopefully he won’t have weight issues? I just want him to be healthy. I know big babies are a thing with many T1 mothers, but I was hoping my decent sugars would help prevent that. At least, I hope he can slow down a little as he gets older.

Anyone in this community deal with T1 pregnancy? How did it go? Any long term effects or things of note?

Hello @tingbot , Just in case no one answers your message about pregnancy (and congratulations by the way), I wanted you to know that there is also “Beyond Type 1” diabetes community and some of the regulars there are posting about pregnancy. You can find the community here and look up the “Pregnant & T1D” identity. there are many active people there who may offer advice.

You can go to the JDRF resource site here as well

congratulations again and good luck!

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I had three live births. The first was premature, but large for a premature baby. The second was born a normal weight, but at 37 weeks, so he was large for his date. The third had her heart slow down at 38 weeks and was induced. Had she gone further, she would have been huge. I just think there is not much you can do about this. But, be careful on the day the baby is born. You will need less insulin than before becoming pregnant. Make sure your specialist prescribes the lower doses immediately. Mine prescribed half my pre-pregnancy dose and that was still way too much. The next day he prescribed 1/3 my pre-pregnancy dose, and that worked. It gradually returned to normal. After my second child was born they asked how much insulin I had taken the day before, which was triple my pre-pregnancy dose, and they were all set to inject that amount. I threatened to walk out of the hospital, telling them that dose would kill me. Fortunately, they listened and called the specialist. Good luck!

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