This has nothing to do with diabetes but I am sooo happy! (times like 10000!)

This post has absolutely nothing to do with diabetes but I have to get it off my chest because I am so happy!!

Guess who just finished filing her income taxes??? ME!! :) hehe.


Gotta love Turbo Tax. :)

Okay, I just had to share that! 

I did too!  Almost a 3,000 dollar return coming our way.  That's married filing jointly, by the way.


I've got about 500 dollars coming my way. Good enough for me! I'm only a high school senior with a part time job! :)


Congrats! :)

Do you guys take the time to itemize your medical expenses or just go with the general deductions?

I was going to itemize my medical expenses, but it turned out that the general deductions saved me more money.  Ugh... saved all of those medical bills, pharmacy receipts, and doctor co-pay receipts for NOTHING!  Ha.

So Turbo Tax really helps? I am afraid to use it haha.

my dad uses it every year, and we have never had a problem.  Plus its cheaper to buy the program than go to someplace like H&R cause they take a HUGE chunk for doing your taxes.  I mean its rediculous what they charge, I know I used to work for them a few years back.

I gave up on medical itemization, I realized I had maxed out my dedcutions as is, being a poor student I really did not need to worry about my expenses and all that stuff. Anyway, I too am now done with my taxes and so looking forward to my refund. Now what to buy... What would you guys buy with your refund if it is not already tied to some other need or expense?

I am going to put mine up for college!

Such a practical answer. Very disturbing. I hope some one else may be considering a splurge to make me feel better if I choose to do that.

im taking a little bit out for whatever i get and using it to shop for clothes. the rest im putting into my savings account.

My accountant doesn't cost that much more than TT and holy COW do I feel better having the sit down and the talk time...  Who'd have guessed that I'd go with the solution that involved more conversation, LOL