This hasn't been helpful

No one seems to want to be friends is anyone on here from or live near Massachusetts bc I need a diabuddy

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Hi Heather! I never got a pm from you so I haven’t been able to add you to my group chat–can you message me please? :slight_smile:

Hi Heather, I live in Arizona, but I’d be happy to talk/message with you. You can let me know here, or in a private message (click on the three dots).
Also, have you contacted your local JDRF or ADA? If you go to even one or two of their events/meetings I’m sure you would meet others with diabetes in your area. Give it a try if you are not comfortable doing this long distance.

Hope this helps!

Pam K.
T1D 54+ yrs and counting!

@Hmonty26 HI Heather,

this site has far less activity than social media giants, such as Facebook. Usually, if you want to ask a question or start a topic of conversation, you just go ahead and do so, then other people will reply and that’s usually how things get going around here.

if you are looking for face-to-face actual contact… you’ll find out that there aren’t that many of us, and you would probably be better off if you went to your local JDRF chapter. These chapters, such as the New England Chapter - located in Wellesley Hills, Wellesley, MA 02481, will have events such as fund raisers where you can meet others and other families dealing with type 1, at an event such as a Type 1 walk or something like that…

The NE Chapter website is here:

anyway, sorry if you aren’t getting the attention you are looking for - if you need to talk or ask question or even complain, you can and we will try to help you.


Another thought Heather @Hmonty26 to meet other PWD “friends” beyond what is offered here and under your other topic, is to ask your doctors for introductions. A few of my doctors have asked me to meet with / talk with other patients.

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Hi Heather,
I would be happy to be in touch with you.
I see from your profile that you are close to my daughters age (27).
I am 62 and was diagnosed at age 10. I have a lot of experience as you might imagine after 52 years. I had spent a lot of time not wanting to be a diabetic w/o success (haha). My friends find me open and engaging and a very good listener.
If you’re comfortable and want to give it a try feel free to contact me.
Bill from Norfolk MA

I’m happy to give my number here it’s 401 548 0490 text me