This i believe

i reall like the "this i believe" thing on npr radio, so i thought i'd post a few things of what i believe

i believe that the jonas brothers and justin bieber are god itself

i believe that my family is all i will ever have in the end

i believe that there is a better tomorrow

i believe that there is such a thing as true love.

i believe in not settling for second best

i believe that you can find happiness any place you choose

i believe that i am who i am for a reason

i believe that all of the unhappiness we go through only shapes who we are tomorrow

now what do you believe?

(it doesn't have to be as long as mine.. i just thought of a bunch :] )

In my English class last year we wrote essays and submitted them to the "This I Believe" website.  Part of my essay was about diabetes and my inspiring first endocrinologist.

I believe that substantial communication makes people happy.

I believe that art and literature both save people from insanity but that the best artists and writers are insane.  Essentially, crazy people have the potential to save others from craziness.

Although I also believe that everyone is at least somewhat crazy in their own way.

I believe that gradual change is better than being stagnant or regressing.

I believe that everyone is deserving of equal opportunities.

I believe that there is no wrong that should be shut away and ignored...all problems should have the chance to be resolved.