This is my very first blood's a dinosaur

 You had to lift the door to insert the strip and close after applying the sample. It weighed a ton and took 60 seconds to give results, ugh. Here's my old and my current (one touch)blood kits side by side to show how much smaller they have gotten.

How much blood did this one need?

Also, when i read your title, i was imagining a meter in the shape of a dinosaur, where you put the strip in the dino's mouth... it was a great idea for a second.

It used probably 2 times the amount of blood that you'd use today.

Dinosaur's mouth, lol. That's a good one : )

Hey Orange,


I had one just like it but I don't know where is now.  Didn't you have to fill in a little circular hole on the strp with blood and then it would turn some shade of black?  If you didn't fill the hole completely, I believe it would misread, yes?



yes, you're right.


Did you happen to have a "cell" phone when they first came out?  My first one was the size of a fairly large college textbook and it had a strap to sling it over your shoulder like a woman's pocketbook.  And, with all that size, the battery didn't last very long.

No, that I didn't have but I do remember seeing photos of them. I never had a cell phone until a few years after they released the bag phone, that's around the time I began driving. My sister and I shared a car and the phone. I was 19 or 20 before I bought a smaller phone, prior to that I had no use for one.

I had forgotten that they were called "bag phones."  (Thank you.)  All electronics have really come a long way.

I think I'm finally tired enough to go to bed.  Good night, Orange.

That's pretty high tech compared to my first one, an Ames Glucometer II, I think.  That involved a lot of timing and before applying blood and then you had to blot the blood off and time some more and then finally put the strip in the machine. 

The strips on this One Touch do look similar to the Profile strips.  I used the Profile for a long time and didn't want to give it up even when LIfescan introduced the ULtra.  I had tried the FastTake and found it to be very unreliable, so I went back to the Profile.

Wow! It is great to see how technology has changed! My first meter was an Accucheck back in 2000. It took this huge glob of blood and was like 30 seconds.