This is sort of funny because of the whole day i was diagnosed

On August 5, I went to Taco Bell and ate like tons of food and (I know this is gross but…) I started getting sick that night like throwing up and stuff. For the past couple weeks I was drinking like crazy and peeing like crazy lol. I HATE milk and I was drinking milk constantly because it seemed it was the only thing that quenched my thirst for a short time. I had planned to go to the zoo the next day…Wednesday August 6…with my best friend and my parents and I didn’t want to break the plans so we went anyway. The whole day I was walking around the zoo and it was sooo hot and I felt like crap. They all kept asking me if I was okay and I kept saying yeah yeah I’m fine. I guess I was in sort of a denial stage (which my doctor said is common). My mom had already made a doctor’s appointment for after our zoo trip at 2pm. We were walking to the petting zoo (which is right by the bathrooms) and I had to pee AGAIN!!! So I went into the bathroom with my phone in my back pocket (as always) and when I went to pull my pants down my phone dropped in the toilet! :( Normally I have my pocket buttoned but I guess I forgot. Now, my phone is like my life. Talking to people is how I survive lol. So this was hell for me. I rushed out of the bathroom without even going to the bathroom with my soaking wet phone in my hand to tell my parents. They and my best friend laughed at me and we turned around, walked to the car, and left. We dropped my friend off and then my mom and I went to the doctor’s office. She immediately suspected diabetes and sent me over for blood work. The said I had diabetes and all I did was cry for like an hour straight. When we got home we got a call from the endocrinologist ( who is now my doctor) saying that I needed to be rushed to the hospital because my sugar level was dangerously high. Turns out it was at 717! So I have you beat there lol. I was in ICU for 3 days and 2 nights. My doctor is super sweet and will come in and talk to you and stuff about your life. Not even about diabetes. When I told him my phone story he said “Looks like your day started in the crapper and ended there too!” Lol. That was the first time I had laughed since I had found out just hours before. So that’s my story.


Wow - yeah - humor can be a real gift in the dark moments, eh?  Great story!



When I first got diagnosed i was only eight, and it was the day of our fourth grade writing test... (which is like a big deal in NC) My teacher got so mad at me for falling asleep durring the test and i also asked to go to the bathroom like eight times! (haha same symptons much?) when my mom took me to the doctor, I was 715 so I was right up there with you... she told me I had diabetes and the first thing I asked was, I am going to die of WhATTT?? haha I was a pretty retarded 8 year old, I thought I was actually going to die-of-betes.... haha

mine was 1351! so i have you  beat there!!! :D

ya i was diagnosed the day after thanksgiving 2004 good thing my mom was a pa ro i would have had my number in the thousands or even died cause i was around the 900's allready but i only spent a couple hours in the ICU but they were the worst hours of my live.

yeah i was eight and like around 850 and I had so much sugar that morning because it was the day before a big swim meet so our coach brought us all doughnuts and I didn't tell my dad so afterwards he took me out for pancakes that were soaked in syrup and of course real coke.  lol

but that weekend we had a benefit swim thing for JDRF and it was really cool cause it was like the day after I got out of the hospital and I still got to go swim for a little bit. very fun.

but we had done the same benefit every year and I very clearly remember thinking that of course diabetes killed you cause it had die in the name

really someone should change that, its very confusing to eight year olds.

i think i was the lowest of all of you!  i  was only 436!!

mine was probly lowest....... about 297, haha, and i also had no symptoms, hehe i was pretty lucky 

mine was lower. i was 15.6 mmol/l. multiply that by 18 and it is 280.8 in your measurements.(x18 ccause normal mmol/l is 4-7 and dg/l is 80-100 or something)

I was diagnosed when I was nine on Feb 15, so my Valentine's Days usually suck, but I have a lot of friends who do nice things for me on that day so that rocks.

Awww, kid - as you get older, remember to tell folks that flowers and diamonds are both good-D-friendly gifts! ;)

[quote user="mojo-jojo"]I was diagnosed when I was nine on Feb 15, so my Valentine's Days usually suck[/quote]


how about missing the first week of school when you are first getting in your classrooms. i was lost for a while but somehow managed to get really good marks(not as good as last year though)

Well, I think we're all adults here (or at least mature individuals!) So here's my story. . .

The day I found out that I was diabetic was the day I went in to see my doctor about a yeast infection that wouldn't go away no matter how many times I treated it with anti-biotic, etc. . .   It lasted for about a month and a half.  I was very uncomfortable (you girls who have had one can only imagine. . .a month and a half!!!!  That's a long time!)  My OBGyn took a look and diagnosed it as candidiasis (sp?), which translates to a yeast infection (yes, guys can get them's rare, but it can happen.) 

Before I grabbed my script to be filled from my doc, she stopped me and asked how I was feeling lately, besides the yeast infection.  I told her that I had gotten occasional dizzy spells.  Like, if I would turn my head a certain way, I'd feel like a sudden "attack".  The room would start to spin and I'd get nauseous almost immediately.  And I went on to tell her about how my boyfriend and I tried driving an hour and a half to go some place, and I literally (and I mean literally) made him stop at every rest stop, exit - you name it - on the way there.  I had to go every 15-20 minutes.  And I couldn't hold it.  We'd stop at a McDonald's for breakfast (drive thru), and I'd get a McGriddle and a small orange juice, and he'd seriously yell at me for drinking too fast because he knew I'd have to pee every 15 minutes.

So anyways - the doc then asked me about how much water I drank on a daily basis.  I told her that I quit counting, and I just drank...because I'd drink at least seven 20oz bottles of water a day, and still feel thirsty by the end of the day.  A lot of you would probably say that's a good amount of water to be drinking!  But I'd seriously feel sick after drinking so much...And I knew something was wrong when I'd drink a bottle of water and feel like I needed more and more and more.  Nothing quenced my thirst.

In a matter of minutes I was sent to the lab for blood testing/urine testing.  I had glycosuria (glucose in the urine).  So I knew right then and there that I was diabetic.  The next day my doc called me in for more blood tests, and I guess my FASTING blood glucose was at 296.  Could you image what it would have been at if I had eaten my (then) usual 2 pieces of white toast with a large glass of OJ and a full bowl of cocoa puffs??  My a1c was 11.9.  Three months later (recently) it was at 7.7, so it's getting there!

Back to the whole yeast infection ordeal - I guess that's a sign of diabetes (in women, and yes, sometimes men.)  If a yeast infection doesn't heal on its own, or heal rapidly with medication, then that's a major sign of diabetes (along with the other signs and symptoms of course).  I didn't know that. 

wow. did everybody on here have to be hospitalized?

mine was in the 1700 range when i was diagnosed at 6 years old, i almost died

I was diagnosed in the 200's somewhere, I was only one so I don't remember exactally. My mom recognized the symptoms from a soap opera her and my grandma watched, lol. And it helped that we where living with my other grandma who had seen what my grandpa's symptoms where. Mainly, I soaked my diapers all the way through over night and I was eating like a pig. I know I begged for cheetos from my aunt, and would eat a whole can of carrots or beets. And I drank a lot of bottles. The doctors where amazed that she had caught it so early in someone that couldn't talk. The pediatrician just ran a urine test, and then when we went to the hospital they ran the blood sugar test. I stayed in the hospital for a week to get trained and everything, but later in the week my doctor let me go swimming with my family at the hotel, as long as my parents promised to bring me right back if anything went wrong. When we where their i also stole every balloon I saw without an owner. The nurses thought I was funny because I didn't know anything was wrong, and i was as happy as could be, lol.

Wow, some of you were in the thousands????? And you didn't die? Makes me feel lucky, I think I was 600 something and was in the hospital for 4 days...

Since we're on the subject, though, I was peeing constantly, too before I was diagnosed. I was at a fencing tournament and all of a sudden I really had to know, couldn't  hold it. So I went to the bathroom, but unfortunately I was wearing my knickers, which are special fencing pants that are kinda like overalls b/c they have straps over your shoulders (but they're under your jacket). So in order to pull my pants down, I had to take off all my upper gear (a lot of unzippering!) and then take off my knickers...Well, as you can guess, I couldn't do it fast enough, and ended up actually peeing my pants!!! I was mortified! (This is high school, I wasn't like, 4 years old!) Thank God I had an extra pair of sweatpants I could wear...I would have died of embarassment and missed the whole tournament if I hadn't! As it was, I had to have a teammate take my place while I changed! (Unfortunately, no extra underwear, though...gross!) Funny now, but not then! :)

Not sure how high blood sugar can be before you go into a coma, but diabetics are often above 1,000 and walking around.  Mine was over 1,200 when diagnosed.  My mom knew I was sick, but thought I had the flu or something.    

I was diagnosed the day after Halloween when I was 4 years old. No candy for me that year! Actually, my brother used to eat most of the candy from when I went trick or treating after that :)

My diagnosis really sucked! I was nine, almost ten, and it was the day after my best friends birthday party where I went crazy with candy as any nine year old would! It was also the day before me and my family were going on a 1-week cruise that everyone was just SO excited for! It was May 1st, (also my parents anniversary haha) and I was drinking a ton and getting up multiple times each night to pee. I also lost quite a bit of weight! My mom had her suspicions as she was a nurse and had me go to the doctors after school. They checked my blood sugar and it was in the 480s! I cried a little but a lady in my carpool for school has diabetes and she really made me feel better. Anyways, my finger wouldn't stop bleeding after they poked it! It bled through multiple bandaids and I was grossed out by myself!! Haha (: I actually enjoyed the hospital, because I got balloons and presents and toys! And the hospital beds were pretty fun.