This makes me really irritated!

I have no idea why... but when people say the word, "diabetuss" instead of "diabetes"... I get really annoyed.

I mean I don't even know if you can call it that (diabetuss) but it sounds really strange and I don't like it... I just like the word "diabetes"

Any thoughts?

It is the latin pronunciation and some folks (like myself) were raised with that word. Many more classically trained docs still use it. The "tuss" word has been used a lot longer.


Ohhh... I see. After I posted this I thought about it. And I was all confused about whether it really was "diabetes" or "diabetuss". It's weird for me to hear "diabetuss" I guess because I always say "diabetes". But I know people pronounce it like that, which is fine by me. I mean I don't care how you say it, its still the same thing... you know? Anyway, I always wondered which way was correct but I don't really think it matters. Thanks though for telling me what you think! :)

At this point, both words are perfectly ok. I think "diabetes" is becoming a bit more common because docs don't learn latin in med school any more and there are fewer teachers using that pronunciation as well. Basically it's 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.


Technically, Diabetes is actually a Greek word that was borrowed by Latin-speaking Romans.    And it should be pronounced " Di-ah-BEH-tess"  so really, both pronunciations of the the word present today are incorrect, allthough the "tuss" ending is more similar to the original  :P

(sorry, I'm a bit of a language nerd.)

I prefer to say dia-Bee-Tees though XD

yeah! I figured it had something to do with language... I just never understood why but it's all good now! The word "diabetuss" just really annoys me, so I prefer using "diabetes"... but it doesn't really matter how you say it! It's the same thing! :)