This may sound quite strange

Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly fed up with this wretched disease, I will disconnect from my pump for a little bit and lie down on my bed and just take breaths and THINK.

It's weirdly helpful. There is something great about not being connected to an electronic box (don't get me wrong, I adore my pink Ping and the resulting lifestyle) for a few minutes and just to imagine how different life might be if that's how it always was. No pump, no shots, no Diabetes.

Sometimes, it makes me feel worse because I end up wishing I was my non-diabetic twin sister and have the "Why Me?" moment, but most of the time, it makes me realize that I would be a completely different person and probably a worse (well, less aware) person. 

Diabetes isn't fun. It just IS NOT. However, it has given me a much more mature outlook and has made me stronger, has made all of us, stronger because we have to deal with things every day that most people don't. So congratulations to all of us who have made it through. To everyone who has overcome the pain, the depression and all the "why me" moments life has thrown your way. You are a spectacular person.

I dig what you're saying and do something similar. After my shower I do not reconnect to my pump, or if it is already out I do not put my set in right away. I just take a minute or two too just lay down on my bed and chill. I call it my just "being" time. It only lasts for a minute or two but it is nice not to think about anything or be attached to anything in those few moments.

I don't have a pump yet, but I took a break form the diabetes a couple of weeks ago. I was with my boyfriends family I just met and just took a break, I didn't check my bg and did not give a shot that afternoon. I had to feel normal for a little while and not worry about it. It did help some to just take a break for the afternoon. Life continued on the next morning with diabetes.

yeah sometimes when i have to change my site i take it out and shower before i put in the new one. i like the feeling of not having anything on my stomach or a pump clipped to my pants all the time.

Being detached from everything for a while can be very liberating and can help decompress. I do enjoy the nothing on me feeling on my skin. It does make things so much better. There is ntohign wrong with decompressing and geting past the feelings of irritation and frustration we all feel from time to time.


YOU are a spectacular person!  I've always wondered what it would be like to have a twin sister.  It's a relationship I envy.  But I never even though about having a twin who wasn't a diabetic.  Being twins I'm sure you have a very special relationship.  It's my understanding that most twins are very close.  But having diabetes probably changes things for you.  It's something you deal with that she doens't understand.  That must be really hard!

I too have had those moments of overwhelming frustration with having diabetes.  I don't know when your were diagnosed, but I know for me, having to think about all that "adult stuff" when I was sucked!  My friends got to be kids.  They got to be teenagers.  You and I?  We had to grow up so much faster! 

You have identified a way for you to think through things.  Being disconnected from diabetes for a little while definately helps!  I know I sometimes leave my pump off for a little while when it's time to change infusion sets.  It's nice to be free for a little while.  (And I love my purple minimed too!)

Diabetes has made us stronger!  And congratulations to you, Lizzy, for being so amazing!


i love love love  it when i diconnect i go and jump on the trampoline or dance to music or just lie there and free myself from the constant attachment  one time ( this might sound bad but i even have eat dinner didn't check my sugar or give insulin . and wear a dress without a leg band or clipping it to my bra. so much fun.

i loveeeee not having my pump on me when im wearing a dress too!