This message got longer and longer; I guess it is mostly about pumps

1) I know I've read (on Juvenation) that some people disconnect when exercising and some people say this is a bad idea, or not taking full advantage of what the pump is for.  I don't know the answers.  I know very little about pumps.  But suppose someone were considering the idea of a pump but has decided that he would never want to wear a pump while in dance class.  Does it logistically make sense that a dancer would disconnect for 2-3 hours 4-5 nights a week?  Conversely, if you are a dancing pumper (or is it a pumping dancer?), is it really all that inconvenient to be connected to a pump?

Heading off the next question, the classes are in ballet, hip hop, zumba, modern, jazz, tap, teaching creative movement to six year olds, dance theatre, and contact improv.  I concede that disconnecting for a 2-hour every-other-week contact improv class would be necessary.

2) Also, am I reading everything right that there ARE some tubeless pumps and there ARE some pumps that work in conjunction with a CGM, but that there are not (so far) any tubeless pumps that also work in conjunction with a CGM?

3) The endo still has us doing 3 a.m. checks on nights that diabetic son has dance (which is 4-5 nights a week).  Son is incapable of waking on his own to do this chore, so dad has to do it.  Wouldn't a CGM be a more peaceful way to deal with this chore?  Wouldn't the endo buy that argument?  Would the insurance company?

4) Does anyone compulsively check blood sugar when not at home because going low at home with family seems safe compared to being out in public or at school?  Anyone up to talking with me about this offlist?

no it is not really inconvienient to dance with a pump on it is actually eaiser than shots because u can lower your long lasting insulin and counteract the hours u spent dancing the only problem i have had is in hip hop with stalls and such but other wise all other basic classes are amazing with the pump


These are really good questions and there is nothing wrong about long questions. And since I am avoiding writing a homily for class tomorrow I will answer you, not that I wouldn't anyway.

Disconnecting from a pump for an extended period of time when one is laying around and doing nothing is a bad thing as they are not getting the basal or base amount of insulin needed to keep ones sugars from rising or spiking. Being active, running, swimming, dancing, playing soccer, skating, and many other activities are all part of the game of being a diabetic. Being active is good, many people when they are planning to work out tend to lower the base amount of insulin they receive because they are active and their sugar could go low and they might not be aware of it. If one is active and they disconnect from their pump for an extended period of time the rise or spike in numbers should not happen or would not be as bad. I mean I run for a half hour and my sugar hypothetically is at 145, it can drop to 60 and below. So for me I tend to lower my basal before I run if I remember. If not I am always prepared to treat. Ones doctor is always the best option for something like this.

As for the tubeless pumps that work /no work with the CGMS right now there are none that do that. However, as I am sure you have read the Omnipod is working with Dexcom to integrate the two softwares and technologies into one unit. The other Minimed has a pump that does both pump and CGMS. Animas is working on it as well with Dexcom, but it has not happened yet. I am hearing January.

The CGM for checking on dance nights could be beneficial as it monitors trends, but they are not always 100% accurate. It could eliminate some of the checks, but until you have everything sorted out it may be better to keep up the routine. Once you get everything settled in your mind if you had a CGM that you trusted you might be able to sleep better knowing what is going on. For you the benefit to using something like the Dexcom system without a pump is that you would have access to the receiver if you wanted to see the numbers. Obviously if you were using the Minimed system it would not work so well as it would be attached. As for unsurance it depends on who you have and if you are really ready to fight it. It is easier now though to get coverage then it used to be.

Lastly I tend to check often even with my CGM. I am very paranoid about lows after some experiences. I will test while I am out, while I am home. That does not matter to me. For me I just want to not pass out. Feel free to shoot any/all questions my way.

I can answer question 1:

I danced for most of my life and actually was an officer on the dance team at my high school so I danced for a few hours every was inconvienent doing pirouettes and other such turns because the pump would quickly come unclipped from my pants. And for a boy, they cannot neccessarily put their pump in their sports bra! I always take my pump off during work outs. My nutritionist and I decided that to feel good while working out I need to stay above 100. For me, I like to work out for at least an hour ( which is not particulary good, I've heard) but when I work out I like being in the 150's so I can work out for an hour without a pump, without a problem. I honestly don't see a problem with taking the pump off because lows are more dangerous and if your BG's are stable throughout the work out without it, then why take the extra insulin?

I'm, believe it or not, a hard core dancer. I've been dancing since before I got diabetes at 18 months. I now use the pump and it's really nice to dance with. My main style is drill team(the glossy kind, not JrROTC) and so it's mainly high kicks, splits, jumps, and stunts. It is hard to wear a pump while doing that. There are some styles, like modern or lyrical, that are kind of stretchy and that, as long as you have your site in a good place, is alright for pump wearing. Ballet, jazz, foreign dance, you usually are able to wear a pump unless there are stunts of scruntched up moves, I do not reccomend the pump for those. But basically, overall, the pump rocks for dancing if you use it right so talk to the instructor about the dance moves. It helps a lot