This really made me mad

I just got this off of Kays blog but, did see it today as well:

Yea I read it, really dumb. He's the kind that thinks, feeding a baby with original equipment is wrong!!!

Gina, that is so sad. Stories like that irritate me. I mean ignorance is one thing, but for a person to broadcast it so loudly is a shame. I realize letters to the editor are just opinion pieces, the newspaper should be more careful about what they publish. Even in an op-ed piece.

Infuriated as well. *sigh*

File him in the dunce category.  Actually, I'm glad his meal and day were ruined.  An apt finish for such ignorance and then to flaunt said ignorance about in his local paper.  Kudos to you sir. 

Sad but typical....had some co workers of mine try to tell me i couldn't do my bloodsugar or take my shots in the breakroom last week upon which i told them that was too bad for them and continued to do it anyway. I was quick to remind them to never argue with a sick man who has a syringe (needle) in his hand.

I'm guilty of taking Brandan to the restroom for sugar checks and insulin when he was first diagnosed.  Then I realized what a negative message I was sending to him and I stopped. I still try to conceal his finger-prick when people are eating, but we don't leave our table for it. I've never known of anyone having a problem with him getting his insulin in public, but after reading that closed-minded fool's letter, I wonder how many people out there have had those thoughts about my son. We have a few family members who walk out of a room when I check his sugar or give him an injection. I'm trying to get them out of that habit before he notices. A turn of their head will serve the same purpose and spare his feelings!

Gina i agree this makes me really mad! You know i normally go to the bathroom to do my shots and stuff but sometimes im at a place where there is no restroom and have to take it right there... you know thats like telling a baby is rude to cry in public!

I'm guilty of almost always checking my levels and giving myself a shot in the bathroom or in private...idk if it is for other's comfort or my own, but after reading that, i may reconsider my actions. that man's ignorance angered me and almost makes me want to cry. i don't understand why uneducated people assume that they can talk about something  that affects so many people like they know everything, its heartbreaking

I think EVERYONE on Juvenation should make a pact to test / inject in public as much as possible to normalize it. There will always be some idiots out there, but I'm sure he'll get an illness one day, it's part of life. 

This does make me mad as well.  I always looked around before I gave myself a shot at the table and I also saw/felt people staring at me.  But, then I thought, well it is better than dying!  I don't like doing my shots in the bathroom because it is gross.  I mean think about it, numerous studies have been done to show how far germs travel every time you flush the toilet.  And we are expected to go stick ourselves in there?  I would rather not and save myself the chance of getting something really bad.  I guess this shows we can't educate the whole world, but I'll sure try!  At least I have enlightened some people on how I did not get this because I ate lots of sugar.  :)

Educating people is sooo important-  From my experiences the only person who ever really asked me not to take a shot in public was my roommate one year- he was a former addict who had such an emotional reaction to the sight of a syringe that I had to respect it.

Remember people- educate educate educate

I agree with the person who responded to this letter. Its completely stupid that someone would get angry that a kid is taking care of himself in public.  In fact at times the bathroom is worse than the dinner table because its completely unsanitary. People need to grow up and quite complaining.