This sucks!

Just complaining that yesterday I accidentally left my insulin (Lantus and Humalog- both brand new) in my car for an hour. It was hot out, so I was concerned but I figured I'd try the Lantus one more time to make sure it was ruined and of course it WAS. So two (EXPENSIVE) vials of insulin completely ruined because of my stupid forgetfulness! I know I've read it on here before, but what do you guys use to keep insulin cool in the summer. I usually just carry it in my purse, but now I'm thinking I need something better. I don't want to ruin any more!

It gets pretty hot here, but so far we haven't had any problem. Sarah carries her insulin in a small purse. I make sure she remembers to take the purse out of the car whenever we go somewhere, and I don't let her put the purse on the floor because I think that's a hotter spot than the seats. We started out using a cooler bag, but it was bulky and since she has the pens now, they don't fit as well.

Unless I'm doing something outdoorsy all day, I just make sure I bring it with me wherever I go.  Maybe you could find an insulated lunch box with an ice/cool blue thingy pack placed in it.

Maybe something like this?

When I was down in Peru one summer without access to a refrigerator, the insulin lost about half of its potency after about 2 weeks of not keeping it cool enough though.

That's crazy that one hour in the hot car could completely kill its potency though.  I've got to start being a little bit more careful, especially since I live out in Phoenix, AZ.

we have this and for a day trip it works well. Any longer and it doesnt.

I just wish they would make something small I could just put in my purse- like a tiny case or cover to put over the pens. Anyone want to invent something?

my mom allways look in my car to see if i have any insulin in it.

the link I posted fits in my purse.   Its 9 inches by 5 inches . Well Rileys not mine.  My in laws got it for free someplace. I have been carrying a bigger purse tho since her dx than I use to.

maybe something like this?

i have this in my car sometimes