This weekend "Hope Floats" to support JDRF research!

My local Fresh Market is participating, not sure about all of them.  I posted this link on my facebook hoping to get some people to participate...


My brother commented that it was odd to serve Rootbeer floats, hot dogs, and cookies...processed sugar, nitrates and all that.  But I just can't see people lining up to drop two dollars on broccoli and carrot sticks!  At any rate, spread the word!!!


I've volunteered in the past to make the floats and food at Fresh Market in the past- they donated ground angus for the burgers, all beef Nathan's hot dogs and had regular and sugar free IBC root beer. It's about as healthy as barbecue fare gets!


Here's the really neat part- most folks paid MORE than the suggested $2 for the float to help JDRF!