Those bad diabetic days!

Does anybody have those bad diabetic days when they are either running high or low!?

Yes! I have been having those days lately, where I go up and down with no rhyme or reason, or I stay stubbornly low or high all day. Not eating or doing anything differently, so it’s very frustrating. There are so many variables. I can go high just having a bad dream!

Checking BG several times a day gives you more opportunities to correct your BG either through a correction bolus or a quick burst of exercise (I’ve found the latter works much faster!).

I have these days all the time! Either I can’t stay up or can’t come down! I try to check as often as possible and give insulin if needed!

Ive been so high today that the meter just reads ‘HI’… totally contemplating going to the ER cause i haven’t had a number under 400 today :frowning:

all the time. sometimes its even a bad week or month. so frustrating!

19 years running… Year after year different doctor, different scale of insulin. I’m still having a hard time.