Thought you might find this funny!

I found these on, i just googled diabetes thinking ohhh i'm going to get type 2 stuff, but suprisingly i got type one stuff! 

1) Today, at physical therapy the girl next to me had a blue armband. I said "hey sweet ipod". She said, "actually i have type 1 diabetes." FML

2)Today, I saw a girl texting at school. I told her she might want to put her phone away before she got a detention. She turned around and I saw she was changing her insulin level on her pump. She has diabetes. FML

These two were posted by ignorant people
1) Today, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I graduated 2 months ago from pastry school and took almost $30,000 in loans to pay for my education so I could pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a baker and chocolatier. FML
2)Today, I started my first day as a security guard. After spending three years and $30,000 to become a commercial pilot, only to be told on my yearly medical that I suddenly have type 1 diabetes, and will never fly again. FML
Honestly type one diabetes can't stop you from dong either of those things! i know all of us still eat cake just like everyone else :D

I'm pretty sure you can't be a pilot with type 1.  Correct me if I'm wrong... I know in california you can only have a class C drivers license, too.  I tried to get my M1 and they turned me down because of it :(

Yeah, in CA you are not allowed to be a pilot w/ T1.  You are also not allowed to be a diver w/ T1.  It has to do with the possibilities of having symptoms of either passing out or seizures while in the pilot seat or being that far under water.  It's not that they are discriminating or that we cannot do it, it's just a precaution.  It's also the same reason why the CA DMV asks us all these questions about our blood glucose control history before getting our driver's license, sometimes they even request a statement from our doctors saying that they trust us as being safe drivers.  Before laser eye surgery and contacts, people who wore glasses were also not allowed to be pilots. 

Before you can be a pilot you gotta go through a big exam process. My bro got his commercial license less than a year ago, and before he could actually start flying for the company he works with, he had to take a physical and MENTAL exam. They actually asked him if there mental illness runs through our family. Lots of strict rules to fly a commercial plane of any kind.

totally random but for all who watched American Idol last season.....

Crystal Bowersox has T1 and during one of the results shows she is sitting on the couch, just been told by Ryan Seacrest that she is safe and staying the competion for another week.  Ryan looks over to her to ask her how she feels and he notices that she is typing something in her pocket.  he obnoxiously says "are we keeping you from a call" and she responds with "no my insulin pump is just yelling at me"  he moved on and prob felt like a huge ass.  lol :)

I saw the clip of when that happened with Harry Connick Jr., too.  Pretty funny!

i did see that american idol thing! that was funny! 

On another note, thats crazyyy that you can't become a pilot, and can only have a c class license! i didn't know that!! not that i was planning on become a pilot or anything, but you know!