Thoughts on current CGMs

I have been using my upper thighs with the Medtronic guardian 3 since December of last year . It is very comfortable and easily accessible. The only reason it isn’t FDA approved is that Medtronic did not present it to the FDA as a recommended site.
I too had miserable luck with it in my abdomen.
But with the thigh site I don’t even feel it there. I don’t have any issue with clothing and it says on well with bathing suit, swimming and sun tan lotion.

My only complaint is the constant reminder to calibrate when it really doesn’t need it as the numbers are on target with finger sticks.

I don’t use auto mode as I have not had much luck with staying in auto mode. It also frequently left me basal deficient
Medtronic has a recall on their web site to change out your transmitter if it has a certain serial number. It is to better accommodate staying in auto mode
I just did that 2 weeks ago but have not retried auto mode yet.


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@Anne98, that’s good to know. I think that I might try my thigh next time,to give my arms a break.

I get your point about the notifications. Man, it’s tough. For some reason they seem to get particularly persistent when I’m driving in heavy traffic, in a meeting, etc.

I’ve been in Auto mode almost all the time over the last month. I’m not sure if it’s giving me enough all the time either. I go high at times, unless I bolus. I shouldn’t have to awake at 2:00 a.m. to bolus, when I’m not going to eat any carbs, just to stay under 150.

I’ve had some issues with my CGM, but, not as much as others. It drives me crazy, normally on insertion day, but, then usually settles down though I get MANY notifications that seem off. . I have requested a new one and not sure when it will come.

Meeting soon with Endo and CDE to get some guidance.

Yeah. CMS STILL hasn’t approved the 670g CGM. TWO years after FDA approved it.

I have used both the Libre and the Dexcom G6.

Libre - Loved it. Worked great. didn’t do alarms, but since it’s right there and I check it frequently so I doubt very seriously a severe low would sneak up on me. I’ve had T1 for 41 years and have not had to have anyone help me with a low in decades. So am not too worried about that aspect of it. I liked that it was NOT all tech geeked out liked the G6. I have ZERO desire to share my results with anyone except my doc. (Would be great if you had a T1 kid however) The ergonomic features of the reader are better. You can see averages and scroll back though the previous days. When you put notes in, you can actually see when you did it. It is a much smarter designed and technically stable product IMHO. I only had to have one sensor replaced in one year.

Dexcom - My new insurance provider does not cover Libre so I got the recommended Dexcom G6. When it’s working, it’s great. I’ve just had a lot of problems with sensor failures. If they don’t last 10 full days, I call and they send me a new one. In 1 1/2 years I’ve probably gotten at least 10 replaced. Things I don’t like are not being able to see the notes of what I ate and dosed on the reader. I also don’t like that I can’t scroll back to previous days and can only see last 24hours.

NOTE: I use the Reader. If you use a smart phone and can do some of these things please let me know.

Bottom line: As someone who has used both, if I had my preference regardless to cost I would select the FreeStyle Libre.

@Cheyenne112 I have the FreeStyle Libre as well!

Hi Anne, I was interested to see your question as I have similar issues with medtronic guardian Cgm. I’m on a medtronic 640g pump so no closed loop available, the only reason for having the sensor in my view is so that my pump will stop delivering insulin if my levels get too low which is unfortunately a daily occurrence for me. As you say having to ring medtronic each time you have a faulty sensor is tiring at best. Some sensors are OK but a large number of them only work to 4 or 5 days. As I’m paying for them, it’s an expensive game. If there were other sensors available that linked directly to my pump I would jump at the chance to move away from medtronic but there aren’t tight now. The dexcom 6 seems to be far more accurate to me from what I’ve seen. Until I can swop I’ll need to keep using the medtronic cgm. I think it all depends if you have frequent lows or not, if not then changing to another suppliers Cgm may work for you. Best of luck.