Thoughts on Tandem TslimX2

I have been a user of the Medtronic pump for the last 6 years, before that is was the One Touch Ping. I love having my pump, but I feel it is time to change and upgrade. I have been interested in the Tslim and wanted to know the thoughts of people who use it or know someone who uses it.

I also was on the Medtronic for the last 5 and prior to that was on the Ping. I have been on the Tslim since October and I absolutely LOVE it!!

The main things that I feel are better is the interface and touch screen as so much better than the medtronic. I also love that the Dexcom is integrated with it and hopefully by next year the closed loop system will be approved and will be able to compete with Medtronic’s 670g.

I didn’t choose to upgrade with Medtronic because I really don’t like their CGM and had heard of numerous issues with the 670g and actually staying in “Auto” mode. Plus, the target glucose for the 670g is 120 and I personally prefer to be at a lower target.

The Tslim is also considerably smaller than the 670g and because of how they designed it you can download upgrades to the system rather than having to purchase a completely new pump like with Medtronic. That way you always have access to the latest advancements with Tslim.

My daughter was a Medtronic user. We weren’t happy with the cgm. We have had Dexcom for a few years and went over to t slim x2 to match. We do alot of elevation changes in summers (love t slim for that it made a difference.) We are very happy with it. It is harder to load the cartridges. Wish they came preloaded with insulin.

Seems like it is a good pump to switch to! I aslo had problems with the cgm that goes with the Medtronic. I am very excited to hear that the Tandem’s cgm seems to work better! Thanks for the info!!

I have been using a tslim for a little under a year now and i love it. I have the low glucose prevention with the g6 and works like a charm. I have been low numerous times in the night and when I wake up in the morning my numbers were perfect so I am very anxious to see how the full closed loop system turns out. I would highly recommend this system, especially if you are using a dexcom CGM.

I just got my Dex G6 in anticipation of replacing my Medtronic pump with the Tslim early next year. I’m encouraged to hear the good reviews from other former Medtronic users.

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I’m like to know people the use the Tandem Tslim x2 and use Apidra Insulin,

My sons been using the Dexcom/tSlim x2 combo for just over a year, and we’re all very pleased with it. I don’t have any comparison for you about the cartridges, but I will say it’s a little tasky at first. Not bad though. The interface is like a smartphone which is much easier than the Medtronic. Tandem also has excellent customer support 24/7.

My son is newer diabetic and first time pump user in October. We have Tslim with deacon 6 and love it! (Not sure of the differences between the pumps)

Oops! Typo. **Dexcom

I was using a Medtronic 530G and just switched to the T:slim X2. Medtronic’s CGMs never worked well for me, so I’ve been using a Dexcom for quite a while with much better results. So, when it came time for a new pump, the T:slim made sense…

So far, I like the T:slim. It is more difficult to load, as previously stated, but the convenience of the CGM/Pump integration is well worth it. I no longer have to carry a separate receiver for the CGM as the X2 is the pump and receiver in one. I really like that!

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