Thoughts on ViaCyte (Beta Cell Implant)

ViaCyte is a regenerative medicine company focused on delivering novel stem cell-derived cell replacement therapies as a functional cure for all type 1 diabetes and a next-generation treatment for insulin-requiring type 2 diabetes.
Here is what they are planning to do: ViaCyte’s Product Candidates for Diabetes - YouTube

Hopefully in 5-10 years this will be a reality! Do you know any other companies like ViaCyte?

I heard about this last year and I’m really excited about it. I’d have jumped at the chance to participate in a clinical trial if there were any happening near me. They’re making a documentary, too, and I’ll admit I cried a little watching the trailer: The Human Trial – Vox Pop Films - Teaser - YouTube

They promised to release this movie last year. And still nothing

:woman_shrugging: It’s a documentary about a treatment that’s still in development. Story’s not over yet.

I’ve been diabetic for over 30 years. I’m excited, but I still know this stuff takes time.

if it works out, i think it would be a life changer and save thousands of lives for everyone. save a lot of money and better for mental health and our bodies. it gives me hope

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A important note: this treatment requires you to take immunosuppressant drugs, same as for an organ transplant.

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Pec-Direct does. But PEC-Encap doesn’t

PEC-Encap (VC-01)

ViaCyte is developing the PEC-Encap product candidate as a functional cure for type 1 diabetes. For PEC-Encap, the pouch is designed to fully contain the implanted cells but still allow vital nutrients and proteins, such as oxygen, glucose, insulin, and other hormones, to travel between the cells inside the device and the blood vessels, which grow along the outside of the device. This device is also designed to prevent immune cells from directly contacting the implanted cells so they may thrive and function without provoking an immune response or being destroyed. In the case of PEC-Encap, the Encaptra® system has generally prevented immune rejection and immune sensitization and effectively protects implanted cells from the patient’s adaptive immune system.

Approximately 1.25 million people in the United States have type 1 diabetes (statistics from JDRF). Worldwide, an estimated 42 million people have type 1 diabetes (~10% of 420 million cases of all forms of diabetes, IDF).

I did see that. They gave no date on a possible clinical trial for encap. The only one in actual testing is “direct”