Threadjackers Welcome

I figure as a few of us have a habit of taking other threads and diverting the topic, see 7,000 members post, I figure we might as well start our own thread to divert all over the place.

Now my favorite post!!!

I mean if we are going to talk about stuff free form anyway might as well make it a come and go as you please thread.


Let's be honest the three of us can do this for hours sometimes, which is probably not a good thing either, but oh well.

I'm game :P

Why is everyone clowning on us because we like to chat?

Because they're jealous of our mad chatting skills :P

Oh yeah. That's right. We Rock!

Naturally :) Are you OK, though? After the fall - I don't think we've actually heard/read you say/type that you're alright...

She said she was doing okay. And more importantly congrats on about to hit 1,400.

Sorry, missed it :P Yay, then

I'm alright. I have a bump on my head, still feel a little off balance at times but I am alright. I had one really high BS since (like 300 something) then but overall doing good.

i feel so unchatty compared to you 3. :o)

Hey, you recovered and hopefully learned something from this experience. I could make a joke about hitting the head and forgetting, but I figured that would be not right.

Hi C. Chat away. I am pretty shy believe it or not.

Go ahead Brian. Make fun of me. I know you want to. I can take it :)

I do, but that would be so not right. I will refrain. And C, you are welcome to diver this all over the place.

C's chatty. Joiiin us....

C, please change your icon as I'm disturbingly infatuated with it. :p.  BTW does this count as threadjacking?

Brian that shows maturity.

Deckard has a crush on C. la la la la.