Thrill of the Ride

There is something about resistance that makes human nature feel good about ourselves. In sex, jobs, and sports resistance is what drives our nature. It's the thriving victory we can sometimes achieve sometimes that makes us feel like being the underdog is worth it. The rush from going from the bottom to the top drives the most amazing news stories. But just as quickly to the top you can go to the bottom, it is a life lesson that has been gracious enough to bless my life with it's star dust as I take my journey. Maybe I am too quick to assume this but I don't believe the amount of torture a normal man can take even comes close to grazing the surface of the tortures of my life; being so close to success and relief but then having myself reminded that I am just a man, not a god, as I plummet back down. I think a normal man would not be able to tolerate the journey I am on; yet I am able to. I can attribute my ability to getting back up after each fall to many things, the most prominent of these conditioners being diabetes. With diabetes, there is no quitting; you quit, you die, it's as simple as that. Who knew a disease could make me a better person, a stronger person. The literal highs and lows of the disease aggravate your body as though there is a constant fly buzzing around in your ears. Diabetes has been with me for 9 years this March 12, my brothers birthday also, while I did not take care of myself well the first 5-6 years of having the disease I have been for the last three. There is nothing like what you can do in the present that can affect your future. I have had many people question how well I can do things in my life because I have diabetes, as though that makes me different from them. I am different but in a good way. I understand hardship, sacrifice, and the feeling of success in little things that don't matter to anyone else but you (having good numbers). There will be people who look at you differently because you say you have diabetes. But DON'T ever let someone tell you, you can't do something because you have diabetes or because you're not the fastest, you're not the smartest, or you're not most ideal candidate. Don't you ever think you are less than anyone else because of this disease you have and don't let anyone expect less of you because you're different from them. Prove it to them, you can do it because you can; it's not a question can you do something better than someone else, it's a question of how better can you do it than someone else.


from I hate diabetes (type 1)

Greg,I will print things from here that I think can help my daughter,that I think are well said.One day maybe she will join this site and read more things here.But for today-print copy and thank you :)


That is a fantastic post !  I think the highs and lows that you describe are the most difficult to deal with when it comes to the journey in life with type 1 diabetes.  You are right if you quit you die.  Luckily most people with type 1 choose life and choose to live another day and do what they have to do to stay alive.  Hopefully many will work to have good numbers so they can have a good quality of life and not develop many of the awful complications.  I think for many it feels like being on a treadmill that you can't get off.  It is maddening at times. 

Have you done the Ride For The Cure ?  I am thinking of training for the Tucson ride in November 2010.  Would love to hear from you.  Thanks again for that inspirational post.