Thursday visits

there were a bunch of us going to see our endocrinologists on thursday, so how did they all go?

mine was a disaster(read all about it in my latest blog post haha) but after my mom stepped in a few hours later, it's been sorted out.

a lot of arguing between me and my endo about whether or not he should up my lantus(i wanted him too, he didn't want to).

in the mom is now looking into me getting in to see the new female endo that's in Victoria...

that does sound disastrous!

haha yup. it was only my second time going without my mom present..but even when she's there, we often leave with questions unanswered!


i hope yours was better!

Hi Batts I read your blog about ur endo. visit and i can't believe that you had to go through that espically by yourself. And I'm sorry I've never heard of diabetes fatigue??? And I would also see if you could get into the new endo. you had mentioned!!! And Courtenay hopefully your visit went well?!?!?!

Well my visit went well and the endo. actually did something for me, she adjusted my thryoid meds from 0.112mg to 0.150mg daily. And my a1c is 7.9 which isn't bad considering I haven't really been able to test often. And she gave me 2 vials of insulin and 2 boxes of strips. But unlike many of you she doesn't do anything with insulin pump adjustments or any medical paperwork or medical notes for work, and I really think going to see her is a waste of time except for her adjusting my thyroid meds. For any adjustments to my insulin or any rates I have to go and see my Pump trainer that is a RN and she is T1 and uses the same minimed 722 system like I do. And I have to go to my family dr. for any medical documents that I may need and she is about to go off on mat. leave. So hopefully I won't need anything while she is away.


my appointment went well. i have to get my blood work done before my next visit though. all that is going to be checked is my thyroid though.

Mine was good. My a1c went down to 7.3 so I was happy about that. I got a new precision meter that checks ketones and was doubly happy about that! It wa s the usual.

That is good news Gina.  Do you think your lower A1C is because of the Jenny Craig program?

I went on Friday to see my endo. A1C is 8.6. She made a few changes to my insulin doses and I have to send my readings once a week until I get better control.