i could just be lazy and this has nothing to do with my thyroid or anything, but the last couple months i have been unusually sleepy. my mom thought i was pregnant because i started having 4hour naps after work, or just on a saturday afternoon. i had three pregnancy tests(home, clinic, blood) and wasn't. but my sleepiness hasn't gotten better. by the time i get home at night i just wanna lay on the couch and do nothing. weekends, i just want to sleep and lazy around. i've gained weight(about 20pounds), tho i dont eat more than usual and i've cut out as much junk as possible.

i've got a form to go get blood work done, since it's been a year since my thyroid was tested. i'm just wondering what symptoms those of you who have thyroid problems had?


i could just be lazy. im going to try and force myself to the pool tonight for a few laps, even though right now i've got 30mins left of work and i feel like i'm about to pass out.

How have your sugar levels been?  When mine are running high...doesn't have to be very high either...I am much more sleepy than usual.  Also, even when I am doing well with my levels, any time I eat more than 3 or 4 carb servings at one sitting, I get very tired.

my levels haven't really been higher than usual. i usually run on the higher side of my 6.5 target than on the low side anyways. my exhaustion has gotten a lot worse than it's ever been. even if i get a full nights, undisturbed sleep, i am ready to lay down and have a nap about an hour later. caffeine or exercise don't help.


well it's not an infection or thyroid problem..

Happens to me every winter... slow, sluggish, needing/wanting more sleep, usually I get depressed in Dec-Jan. It wasn't thyroid for me. It was winter. I love winter, but it messes with my body and mind terribly. My solution involved a couple relatively small things.

  1. Get natural spectrum lightbulbs for home. They are much better than fluorescent and help to get that natural light that you may be missing in winter.
  2. Exercise. Any kind, but do it at least 20-30min EVERYDAY! Even jumping jacks for 5min would help. The point is to get your blood moving throughout your entire body and stimulate natural functions... sweating, thinking, digestion, healing, ect.

At the very worst, neither will help your exhaustion, but you'll have snazzy lights and be more fit than before. I hope this helps.

-Dennis "Scientist"

Thanks for the suggestion. It's actually been for more months than just the winter and while I have to exercise anyways, it doesn't help at all. =/

Going to see my specialist tomorrow, going to look further into thyroid (since I only got the first level tested, not all three), food sensitivities and possible chronic fatigue syndrome. we'll see what happens!

When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I gained weight and slept alot.  I started to eat just salads and friuts and go to the gym everyday, but I was still gaining and not losing.  That is when the dr. ordered the lab work and I had hypothyroidism.

Ditto here Scientist.  I get very tired and sleep a lot when the weather changes.  Not just when it gets cold though, when it gets hot too!  So twice a year for a couple of months, summer and winter, I get almost nothing done.  There is a flip side though: twice a year between those times during the spring and fall, I have TONS of energy.  My house gets a good cleaning and I get lots of projects done during those times.

my endo is first seeing if a higher carb ratio will help. my a1c went from 8.4 to 8.9 (i'm usually around 8.2-8.5) so he thinks it just might be the few highs I'm getting. trying out a 2u:15g ratio instead of 1u:10g ratio to see if that helps. my endo doesn't think it could be thyroid or food sensitivities.

Have you gotten your iron levels checked?  I was super exhausted and couldn't get myself to do anything... my blood sugars are fine, and I normally am someone with so much energy.  I got my iron levels checked and they were soooo low.  Now I'm on prescription iron pills and am back to being myself..

yeah they came back normal as usual. i'm feeling slightly less tired now that we've changed my ratio and my numbers aren't spiking as much (I have to admit i was having a number of more 20+ readings than usual) so it looks like that might have been it.