Tidepool Loop

Just saw an announcement that the diabetes management software non-profit Tidepool just got FDA clearance to allow remote closed loop management of compatible insulin pumps (list of compatible devices TBA). The software is already able to connect to a variety of pumps and CGMs, but the update will allow it to automatically manage your basal insulin rate based on CGM readings and your selected BG target range and can also order boluses, all from your phone or smart watch.

I’m happy with my current Tandem t:slim x2 and Dexcom G6 pairing (though I’m hoping to upgrade to G7 soon), without the need for third party software. (I am, however, still waiting for Tandem to expand their remote bolus capability to my phone model…) But if your pump does not support closed loop basal adjustment or you’re not happy with the existing feature set your pump’s software offers, this might be worth a look.

That said, I wonder what security features it offers. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have access to software that can dictate my pump’s insulin delivery. I’m assuming it would be similar to what Tandem’s t:connect does, where I have to authorize the pairing between my pump and my phone, and I have to have security on my phone that recognizes me as an authorized person to unlock it.

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the way the Tidepool/DIY loop works is by exploiting a known security problem in the pumps, in other words, only “hackable” pumps with security problems can loop. My earlier pumps had this “security problem” and I never lost a moment of sleep over it!

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While I understand the concern, I believe the pumps themselves handle this by limiting the number of paired devices. That said, the FDA recently requested industry and individual inputs on the need, type, level of security needed in medical devices.