Another member of JDRF T1 nation who works in research informed me about a non-profit called Tidepool. It provides data analysis for self-management but goes far, far beyond that in its mission & purpose for research. I’ve been reading about Tidepool & its work & services which do sound exciting.

QUESTION: I would like to know if any members of the T1 Community Forum have either personally been involved or know someone who has been involved with Tidepool? Sharing any experiences would be greatly appreciated.
Henry Renn

Henry @Hen51 , I have not been personally connected with Tidepool other than using its product for a couple of years and speaking with a Tidepool representative at a TypeOneNation summit.

In addition to it’s very helpful data collection and analysis pages [all commonly used pumps can upload dats, as well as all CGM, and many BG Meters], Tidepool is involved in developing new technologies like its “Closed Loop” that you recently posted.
Another feature is the on-line seminars presented by experts in the diabetes field that provide very useful information to us folk. Information about Tidepool, sponsored by JDRF, is sent by occasional email messages to registered people; Tidepool is a trusted source for diabetes information.

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Hi there. My name is Christopher Snider. I am Tidepool’s Community and Clinic Success Manager and am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Chances are I am the person you met with at your local TypeOneNation summit. I was the guy with all the Tidepool stickers :wink:

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@christopherasnider Thank you Christopher, and a Warm Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! You are most welcome here and we welcome your thoughts about diabetes. I’ve been a site Moderator here for several years.

I’ve been using the Tidepool web app for a couple of years and have quite often posted here encouraging other people here to get involved and benefit from the excellent services you provide.

Thank you!

Sounds interesting! I’m checking it out!!