Time and Stress

I was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about two weeks ago and I'm a little worried about college life. I will be a freshman this year and will be majoring in mechanical engineering, which can be a pretty tough and stressful major at Texas A&M and on top of that I will be working... So I'm worried about stress and having time to make well balanced meals, any advice??

I was diagnosed last year during University.  I am in Chemical Engineering, so I definitely know what you mean about stress and lack of time.  I would suggest packing whatever you want to eat the next day the night before.  I find if I don't I am rushed in the morning and end up buying crappy food from on campus.  Since I didn't have a whole ton of time to cook, when I did, I cooked lots and was able to eat leftovers for a few days.  I stir fry alot because it's quick and easy.  Study and do homework while things are on the stove/oven.  Wash and cut up your fruits and vegetables right after you buy them.  I am way more likely to eat them if they are just sitting there ready to eat when I am looking for something quick.  It is a little trickier, but I found if I stayed on top of my grocery shopping eating balances meals wasn't so hard.  It's when I ran out of food at home I started eating meals that I normally wouldn't because I was buying them from on campus.  Good luck! 

Hey I would love to talk to you more. Your situation sounds like mine... just for me it was a year ago! I was diagnosed exactly one month before graduating high school and then I moved to college just a few short months after that and I was DEFINITELY worried. Check out my blog... type1at18.com I basically vent there. But I will tell you one thing... there is NOTHING to be worried about. It will all work out. I'll send you a message once you accept my friend request and we can talk further. I can answer any questions you may have :)