Time Savers

I change my cannula site every other day. We live in a small house. There’s no room for designated drawer so supplies are in cramped closet in boxes. It was tedious getting one item from each box each time. Now to skip tedium & save time I make up individual baggies holding an insulin cartridge, injector with infusion line & cannula, hypodermic syringe & needle, an alcohol pad & a skin prep pad. I only have to retrieve the insulin each time. The baggy makes great receptacle for waste going into regular trash.


Good work @Hen51 . We’re you ever in manufacturing? This sounds like a good presort technique used in assembly plants. Cheers.

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I have a whole system as well. There are shelves with the stock of boxes, and, in the kitchen, there are baskets with a supply of everything. And then…I have a small basket that has the supplies for a site change. Each time I do a site change, I grab another set up and put it in the small basket. Sounds super Type A…but my 10yo and I both have T1D…and use different pumps, so there are a lot of logistics! I love being able to grab everything, pre set, and go. So, I totally understand your set up!

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Sounds great. One stop shop. Space is my problem as well as my wife being a bit ocd & she wants counters clear. Getting her to leave my French press, bean grinder, bean humidor & controlled temp water heater out on counter in corner was major victory! :wink:

3:00 AM today Awakened by high bg alarm… 270 & rising. I had to replace bent cannula. So not awake! It was so nice to grab baggy,
insulin & insulin syringe for faster correction. Somehow got it all done.

Ah, sweet success!! I’m glad you managed it.

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Middle of night things are a real bother aren’t they? We do what we have to do. I forget a lot but remember from training for my first pump to correct high with injection. Wait to see if new cannula performs normally.

Joe, Never answered your question. No never was in manufacturing. Did a lot of work with youth groups in assembly line type projects like food prep or preparing health kits, cleaning kits, hygiene & health kits etc. for US & international disaster relief. Also have tendency to ask how something could be more efficient. Ever notice that question isn’t always appreciated? lol

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Yes but it’s still a great question! I think it’s a great knack and your resume sounds awesome. I find it to be very fulfilling to help others. Thanks for all you do Henry.