Time Zones and Omnipod

Hey all. Looking to travel abroad for first time since switching to pump/Omnipod from injections and wondering if anyone has some tips outside of making the time change in the PDM and hoping for the best?

And just generally wondering if there is anyone that switches between pump and injections for travel and if there are any associated tips/counsel? Not a preferred route for management but for supplies etc its attractive. I spent 3 weeks abroad on injections in 2015 and worked well however this trip would be a week to 10 days so no an overly onerous supply carry. Thanks

Full disclaimer: I’m not on the Omnipod.

However, you will likely be fine just changing the time to the local time once you arrive abroad. After all, all the factors that come with travelling (additional stress, activity, excitement, etc.) will likely far outweigh the affects of your basal rates being shifted around by a time change. Careful observance of your BG trends (situations like these are where a CGM shines, if you haven’t considered one) and appropriate responses should get you through this (and, frankly, just about anything).

I think you are going to find a healthy mix of people that stick with their pump, switch to injections, or choose on a whim. I think it will be best if you make a decision that your happy with (although hearing other people’s reasoning might help you do that). Personally, I stick with my insulin pump because the occasional inconvenience of dealing with it is worth the added benefit for me (auto mode on the 670G, CGM, etc.). For you, it might be a nice break to ditch the Omnipod for a while and go on injections, no one but you knows. I’m sure you can make either decision work.

I hope this helps!

@csnash1. Hi. I travel all the time. I am 6 hours ahead of my normal time zone right now. Change the clock and test more. No need to go on a pump holiday in my opinion. When I go someplace very remote I bring backup syringes and Lantus … but that’s rare. Cheers and enjoy your trip

@csnash1, supplementing the really good suggestions made by @Chancey and @Joe, I’ll add what I do - and it more or less worked successfully.

When traveling I’d try anticipating the length of my day and what I’d need to do when I arrive. For instance, when traveling east to west, such as my frequent work days in Boston and San Francisco, I knew that I’d be having required attendance meals upon arrival. I’d eat breakfast in Boston before departure and then someplace west of Chicago roll back the time on my pump and have the in-air lunch [my bolus ratios and basal rates correct for the new time] and upon arrival set my pimp to Pacific time - just in time for the business luncheon. This way my settings were correct for cocktail snacks and for the late Board dinners which began at about 11 PM Boston time. Yes, those workdays lasted at least 20 hours and many eating opportunities.

Basic rule - think ahead, be smart and prepared for the unknown.

Joe has the right idea, adapt to the new time zone as soon as possible, and wear a CGM or test more often then normal. I use the omnipod, but that is the same as a pump (with a time limit), I would never go off a omnipod or pump for injections unless you are having a problem with the pump.

Hey These other people who answered do not have Omnipod!! Do not reset time on PDA until the one you are wearing is off!! As soon as you change time, any current pod will be terminated! Set time changes between pods only!! Have fun on your trip.

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that is a good tip…but a really inconvenient feature… thanks for the information.

Sorry, but that is not correct. I’ve changed the time many times on my omnipod without affecting the pod I’m wearing